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12 Bedroom Styling Ideas To Try This Summer

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Give your room a fresh vibe that’s on-point for the season with these simple tips.

Of course, you want to spend every minute outdoors this time of year. How else can you enjoy each BBQ, pool party and rosé-fueled afternoon? But you also can bring that easy-breezy attitude indoors with a few decorating tricks—and you don’t have to sub out your bed for a hammock to make it happen. Check out these effortless styling tricks and get inspired to summer-ify your space.


1. Add a nautical accent. 

Conjure a classic day on the water in a playful, unexpected way, whether you go with vintage-y oars, anchors, or sconces designed to look like ship lanterns.   


2. Say yes to stripes.

From chic banded bedding to casual awning-striped rugs, their crisp, graphic appeal is can’t-miss.


3. Buy a bouquet.

Just-picked flowers and sprigs of greenery introduce garden-fresh liveliness to any space.


4. Choose something blue.

Aquatic hues are associated with calmness and creativity. Timeless navy is soothing (so it’s perfect for your sheets!), while more vivid blues boost energy.


5. Or try white.

Add instant brightness by painting your bed frame, setting out a soft rug or even lacquering the floor.


6. Bring on the breeze.

Embrace the season with open windows and free-flowing curtains—bonus points if they’re gauzy.


7. Show off seashells.

Displaying your treasures from an afternoon spent beachcombing is a nice personal touch, and it’s fun to build a collection over the years.


8. Work a little wicker.

A woven chair or ottoman has a laid-back, tropical feel. (Pro tip: Estate sales and flea markets are great places to find them.)


9. Hang your souvenirs.

A colorful travel poster, framed map, or wall art from your favorite vacation spot transports you to your happy place every time you see it.


10. Turn on a retro fan.

In old-fashioned metal, this functional piece becomes a cool decorative accent.


11. Light a fragrant candle.

Channel a summery state of mind with scents like coconut, sea salt, ripe peaches, or just-cut grass.   


12. Find your place in the sun.

Set up a little nook where you can relax, recharge and simply enjoy—that's what these months are all about!


    Photo courtesy of Angela of Angela's Cozy Home