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Three Simple Graphics Show How Boll & Branch is Revolutionizing the Textile Industry

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How does Boll & Branch get such extraordinary quality at such an astonishing price? Here’s our story.

First, we oversee every step of the process down to the last detail. We don’t work with just anyone — we carefully choose our factories and mills to not only guarantee they can deliver the quality we want, but also pay their workers fair wages for the work.

The result? Amazing sheets at those jaw-dropping prices. Take a look below — for a fraction of the cost of luxury retailers at a much longer lifespan than sheets from a “big box” store, you’ll get a product that not only feels good, but that you’ll feel good about.

So how do we pull this off without going broke? Simple. We cut out the middlemen (they’re not happy, but everyone else is!). Even though we pay more for our cotton, treat our workers more fairly and deliver our product in gorgeous, reusable packaging, you’ll still pay less.

The bonus? We proudly donate a portion of every purchase you make to Not For Sale, a groundbreaking organization working to end modern-day slavery and trafficking around the world.

Why do we do this? Because we believe that happy people do amazing things, and we’re here to inspire happiness.

Have a story to tell us about your own inspiration? Want to share your creative uses for the Boll & Branch boxes? Send us an email at