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Three Ways To Keep Your Sheets Crisp

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Ah, the feeling of crisp cotton sheets...

When turning in after a long and stressful day, there is nothing quite like climbing into fresh, crisp sheets. Some sheets lose that crisp sensation after sleeping in them for a few nights or even after a few washes; however, there are some things crisp-sheet enthusiasts can do to keep their sheets feeling like new, longer. If you want to have cool feeling sheets all the time, try these methods. 

1. Hang Sheets up to Dry

Clothes dryers gradually destroy sheet fibers over time. People who hang their sheets to dry during the warm summer months will find them nice and crisp after just a few hours. Although it may not be feasible to line dry sheets all year, it can definitely help to increase their freshness during those times when line drying is an option. If sheets come off the line a little too crisp, try sticking them in the dryer for just a few minutes to soften them slightly.

2. Material is Everything

With so many sheet materials available, it may be hard to determine which type will maintain a durable and crisp feel the longest. Experts suggest that 100 percent cotton is ideal…and 100% organic cotton bedding is the best. Stay away from satin, microfiber and linen sheets, as they can wrinkle and ball over time. A plain weave sheet, or a weave where the thread goes over one under one, is a more durable choice. Sheet shoppers should opt for a thread count of 180 or higher, otherwise referred to as percale. Many people argue that a higher thread count enhances the crisp, cool feeling of the sheets. Others believe that a thread count of 300 is perfect.

3. Turn up the Heat

When all else fails, people can resort to ironing their sheets as a way to achieve that wrinkle-free look. Ironing may be a hassle for some, but it doesn’t disappoint when it comes to producing crisp sheets. Try ironing the sheets while they are still damp and place them on the bed or fold them as soon as possible afterwards.

It isn’t hard to create a relaxing, cool and comfortable bed by choosing the right sheet material, and caring for them properly.