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3 Ways Hypoallergenic Bedding Can Save Your Skin

3 Ways Hypoallergenic Bedding Can Save Your Skin
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Save your skin in your sleep!

Every now and then we are asked if there are any potential skin benefits to sleeping in 100% organic cotton sheets. Guess what—there are! Especially when the weather chill and the dry, winter itch sets in. The best sheets for sensitive skin are pure, soft, and chemical-free. Here are three considerations for using organic, hypoallergenic bedding as a favor to your skin. 

1. Use Organic

Pure 100% organic cotton—found in each and every one of our products—is completely untouched by chemicals, including those that promise “wrinkle-free” or “stain resistant” results. To unsuspecting consumers, wrinkle-free sheets sound convenient, until they discover that the sheets are first treated with formaldehyde. Small traces of formaldehyde generally don’t cause irritation, but many have developed a sensitivity towards the chemical. Yikes! If you have sensitive skin, we suggest you start sleeping in chemical-free organic cotton.

Soft Organic Cotton on the Skin

2. Choose Natural Fibers

Skin issues can also be a result of your sweat glands not having enough air flow—a.k.a., let your skin breathe! Synthetic fabrics such as rayon, nylon, acrylic and polyester don’t promote air flow or dry quickly, and can become soaked with perspiration. However, cotton has a natural ability to maximize breathability and wick away sweat. And lucky for you, our sateen weave bedding feels soft and balanced on your skin, allowing you to drift away in deep, cozy comfort. Check out all of our bedding favorites!

Organic Cotton Bedding and Bed Sheets  are Breathable

3. Change Your Pillowcases

Here’s a wild fact: you should be changing your pillowcases every three days. The more frequently you change your pillowcases, the less grime, sweat and dirt you’ll sleep on—and that’s better for healthy skin. Don’t have time for laundry that day? Stock up on extra pillowcases!

Organic Cotton Pillowcases

If chemical treatments or impermeable and abrasive materials don’t sound like something you would choose for your family, then we’re on the same page. We at Boll & Branch are forever focused on ensuring nothing but the purest 100% organic cotton in every product we create, untouched by chemicals. We believe in the value of pure cotton. Why? Because Mother Nature knows best!