5 Ways To Turn Your Home Into A Staycation Destination

Dreaming of sunshine and sandy beaches? During the winter months it may seem like everyone around you has extravagant or exotic vacation plans. If that’s not in the cards for you this year, don’t fret! We have some delightful winter staycation ideas to inspire you.

First, let’s define the essence of a staycation. Just because you’re staying home doesn’t mean your days should be filled with mundane tasks and errands. There are still so many ways to relax and have fun!

Staying home during the holidays will not only save you money but can help you find new ways to bond with your loved ones or enjoy extra solo time. Plus you don’t have to deal with the stress of traffic or flight delays. Here are five ideas for how to have a stay at home vacation you'll enjoy every minute of.


Make Your Room Feel Like A Hotel

Treat yourself to five-star luxury without the pricey hotel room. Even just a few small changes to your bedroom can go a long way to making you feel like you're on vacation at home!

Indulge in your most restful sleep yet by upgrading your sheets to organic cotton. Not only is this pure cotton the softest you’ll ever sleep in, but it’s entirely chemical-free and will get better with every wash. Or try swapping out your duvet cover to instantly give your bedroom a new look. Our hemmed duvet covers come in classic solids, while our banded and flannel duvet covers offer fun pops of colors and patterns.

Finally, mimic the details of a gorgeous hotel through new decor updates. Try arranging your shams in a new formation or adding small decorative pieces like flowers or a pretty jewelry box on your nightstand. Go ahead and bring in the champagne bucket, you’ve got everything you need for a romantic night in!


Spend The Day In Your PJs

Who wants to spend their day off wearing restrictive waistbands and itchy sweaters? Lounge around in your comfiest pajamas, like our organic PJ shorts and pants made from the softest, warmest, most durable flannel ever.  

All of your favorite winter staycation ideas are better completed in PJs. Whether your to-do list includes baking cookies, making hot chocolate, binge-watching a new show, or addressing your holiday cards, your couch time calls for your coziest attire.


Create Your Own Film Festival

There’s no need to jet-set to Cannes when you can curate your own movie marathon! If you have kids or little family members around this is a great way to keep them occupied for a few hours. Or invite some friends over and ask everyone to make a suggestion—you might even discover a new favorite flick. So get your comfy throws ready, make some popcorn, gather the DVDs (or set your Netflix queue), and stake a claim on your corner of the couch.


Spend The Evening At Your Bathroom Spa

With all the stress of everyday life including work, commutes, family obligations, and more you deserve some me time! Pamper yourself with a DIY-version of your favorite spa day.

Draw up a bubble bath and dim the lights to create a soothing ambiance—you could even go all out and light a few candles and play some soothing music. Spend a few luxurious minutes in the tub reading a book, enjoying a glass of wine, or letting a face mask work it’s magic on your skin. When you’re done, choose ultra-plush and oversized bath sheets to help you dry off or use them as pillows to rest your head on!


Plan Your Ideal Getaway

We hope these winter staycation ideas helped you have a warm, relaxing, luxurious stay at home vacation! If you’re still dreaming of taking an actual vacation, it’s a great time to start planning now while you have extra time away from work and school. Are you looking for family-friendly or a couples retreat? Skiing or laying on a beach? Adventurous or relaxing? The possibilities are endless!


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