6 Nice Things Every Bedroom Deserves

Don't know how to make your room cozier? When it comes to creating a space you love, these little upgrades can make a surprisingly big difference.


Large or small, any bedroom can become a treasured sanctuary—and transforming yours into a dream escape doesn’t have to mean a major decor overhaul. If you don't know how to decorate a bedroom, start by making it comfortable.  “Choose simple but special items,” says lifestyle blogger Annie Anderson. “It’s about investing in the important things versus having a ton of things.” (Anderson’s blog, Zevy Joy, is a Boll & Branch favorite—and as it turns out, the feeling is mutual!) Here are a few of her musts.


1. Good sheets.

Soft, comfortable bedding is so important,” Anderson says. “I don’t think I even realized it until we got Boll & Branch sheets. You see the difference; then you feel how comfortable they are. And you sleep better!”


2. Something green.

“Plants or flowers bring life and brighten a space, no matter what your color scheme is,” Anderson says. She suggests adding a trio of arrangements to your bedroom: two smaller ones to go on bedside tables, a dresser, or a tray, then something larger-scale that can sit on the floor. “Odd numbers are more organic,” she says. “This brings the look out of alignment in a nice way.”


3. A mix of lighting.

“In the Pacific Northwest, where I live, it’s dark all the time,” Anderson says, laughing. “So lighting is important to me!” She creates ambiance by combining pieces of different styles and scale: a dramatic hanging chandelier with cozy bedside lamps, for example. Whatever you choose, “dimmable features are important to bring down the harshness."


4. A serving tray.

“It’s so nice to offer guests coffee or tea, but you can do this for yourself too: Have a cup of coffee in bed, and put your book on the tray,” Anderson says. “That way, it’s all together in one place.” The tray also does double-duty as a decorative piece: “When you’re not using it, you can put flowers on it.”  


5. A relaxing scent.

“We’re big candle fans in my house. It’s so nice to have your space smell good,” Anderson says. “It really does help you unwind—and sometimes a certain scent can take you to those nostalgic places as well.” Her top choices: Lavender (“I think that’s a good one universally”) and cedarwood. “I like to change scents with the seasons,” she says, “going more citrusy in the summer, or having things smell like pine for Christmas.“


6. A personal touch.

“On my bedside table, I have a few special things,” Anderson says. “There’s a dish that I got as a wedding gift, which holds my rings at night, along with a couple of old books that belonged to my great-grandparents. And, of course, a picture of my kiddos!”