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Six Tips For Choosing The Right Sheets For Children

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Every parent wants to provide the most comfortable sleeping environment for their children. Safe, soft and cozy bed sheets can create a feeling of security and warmth as children sleep. With so many different materials, thread counts, and weaves to choose from, shopping for children’s bed sheets may seem a little overwhelming. Knowing more about these details can help parents make more educated decisions when it comes to purchasing sheets for their kids. Here is what you should consider when choosing sheets for kids. 

1.     Stick With Organic Bedding

We think it's crazy how much bedding for kids is made with toxic chemicals. Our organic bedding is made from natural fibers, grown without the use of harmful chemicals and pesticides. These toxins are also kept out of the materials used during the manufacturing process. As children sleep, parents can feel good knowing that they are resting on 100 percent pure organic cotton.

2.     Watch for Fire Retardants

Some companies use different dyes, chemicals and coatings in order to make their bedding fire retardant, in accordance with federal regulations. Look for natural fire retardants, such as wool, that will meet federal regulations and keep your child away from unnecessary chemicals.

3.     Choose a Soft Material

Rather than go with a cotton-polyester blend or microfiber material when selecting children’s bed sheets, opt for 100 percent cotton. Children’s sensitive skin should be taken into consideration when parents pick out the right bedding material.

4.     Easy to Maintain

Most parents prefer to purchase products that are easy to clean and sanitize. Organic products are easy to maintain and keep clean. They are also free of bacteria and dust mites.

5.     Think About Thread Count

Sheets that have a low thread count often feel rough and uncomfortable to the touch. Some may even aggravate certain skin conditions, including eczema. Select sheets that have a thread count of at least 300. The tightly woven threads will provide a soft and supportive sheet. They are also higher quality, meaning they will last longer. It is much better to invest in high-quality sheets rather than having to continually replace cheap and uncomfortable ones.

6.     Temperature Control

Some parents tend to bundle their kids in warm sheets and blankets for fear of them getting cold during the night. Children also have a sensitive temperature regulating system, causing them to sweat even more while they are sleeping. Pure cotton sheets are great for absorbing any excess sweat that children produce during the night. This helps to keep them nice and dry throughout the night.

When it comes to choosing sheets for kids, parents should keep their children’s safety, comfort and wellbeing in mind. This will ensure they purchase the best sheets for their child’s bed. They may want to consider purchasing a pair of organic sheets for their own bed as well.