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6 ways to give your bed a summer makeover

Summer decorating? Once warmer weather hits, Co-Founder and Head of Product Development Missy Tannen recommends lightening up your bed—either the layers themselves, or just the look. “If your AC is set to 70 degrees year-round, you might not need to change the weight of your bedding,” Missy points out, “but you might still want to give your bed a seasonal refresh.”

In other words, summer is the perfect opportunity to mix up your bedroom style and experiment with new patterns and colors. Read on for the lightweight summer bedding ideas that will keep you cool—literally and figuratively—all summer long.

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Three ways to lighten your summer bedding (literally)

1. Remove a layer or two.

Winter: Three layers—top sheet, blanket, all-season duvet Summer: One or two layers —all-season duvet, top sheet (optional)

Stash your blanket in the linen closet. Keep the top sheet, or try losing it. Resist the urge to put away the thickest layer—the all-season duvet—because “people still like feeling that weight on top of them,” explains Missy. “It’s soothing, like a hug.”

2. Add a layer. (No, really!)

Winter: Two layers—top sheet and comforter Summer: Three layers—top sheet, blanket, quilt

Put away your comforter or duvet and in its place add two layers: a blanket and a quilt, folded up at the foot of the bed, ready to be used on a cooler night.


3. Change your top layer.

Winter: Two layers - top sheet and heavy duvet Summer: Two layers - top sheet and all-season duvet

If you like the simplicity of making your bed with a simple top sheet—or even foregoing that layer—and duvet, you can keep that look. Just make sure your duvet isn’t too hot. Choose an all-season duvet, and you never have to change your bedding to match the weather.

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Three ways to lighten your summer bedding (style-wise)

1. Change the cover.

Winter: Duvet cover and shams in patterns or dark colors Summer: Duvet cover and shams in white, light colors, or a bright pattern

One benefit of a duvet vs. comforter? “It’s easy to swap out the duvet cover—and shams to match—with the seasons,” says Missy. “Summer calls for a clean white look."

2. Add a blanket.

Winter: Your normal bedscape Summer: Your normal bedscape, plus a throw

“Lend your bedscape summery brightness by adding a throw blanket that’s light in color and weight—such as our Cable Knit Throw Blanket."

3. Swap out the sheets.   

Winter: Sheets in a dark color Summer: White or lightly colored sheets

“If you normally sleep on dark sheets switch them out for white or a lighter color,” says Missy. “Then treat yourself  to a turndown at night—see my instructions here—to really show off your summer-ready sheets.” The main goal of summer bedding is to incorporate lightweight, cooling bed sheets and materials. So consider trying a cooler-to-the-touch fabric, such as Percale.

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