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Seven Tips for Taking Care of Your Towels

Seven Tips for Taking Care of Your Towels
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There’s nothing like a freshly cleaned, warm fluffy towel that has just been washed & fresh out of the dryer, right? Taking care of your towels to keep them holding up and looking fresh is super easy to do. Here are our expert tips for cleaning and caring for your bath towels, hand towels and washcloths. (And while we're on the topic of towels, keep your eyes peeled for an exciting new product were launching next week!)


7 Tips for Taking Care of Your Towels

– Use a neutral, liquid, biodegradable detergent. If you’re a powder person, just make sure the powder has dissolved before adding your items to the wash. We don’t recommend using any type of “pod” detergent product.

– We do not suggest using bleach. However, if you must, use a non-chlorine bleach on whites only. Other colors should not be bleached at all as it could ruin it!

– Wash your items on a cold, gentle cycle and shake items out between washing and drying to keep the wrinkles away.

– Always be sure to wash your towels before you use them. Even though our towels have not been chemically treated, it’s just a good measure.

– Don’t wash sheets and towels together, it’s not good for either of them.

– Fabric softeners should be avoided as they leave residue on the fibers that reduce absorbency and stiffen the towels.

– Be careful with some skincare products (Retinol, Glycolic acid) that could bleach or spot your new towels. There’s nothing more annoying than that!