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A Little Company with a Big Impact

A Little Company with a Big Impact
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They say, ‘if you love what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life.’

For the 22 (and counting!) full-time staff at Boll & Branch, this couldn’t be more true. We’re an eclectic bunch; including a published poet, a two-time Olympian and a former Little Mermaid impersonator. Some of us love country music and Star Wars, while others avoid whipped cream and cheese at all costs. We’ve come from all over the map to join founders Scott and Missy Tannen at the Boll & Branch headquarters in Summit, New Jersey, where we’ve divided and conquered for the better part of three years. 

Boll & Branch Luxury Organic Cotton Bedding

 It has only taken three years for Boll & Branch to become the largest consumer of organic cotton in the home space. A lot has changed for the better, but our dedication to our core values remain the same.  

Boll & Branch Luxury Organic Cotton Bedding


New Look

We’ve unveiled a fresher and more refined look to complement our growth and overall experience as a three year-old start-up. Be on the lookout as you’ll start to see—and hear—more of us in the coming year!


New Boll & Branch Logo


New Products

We’re known for creating the softest sheets ever, but we’ve since expanded our line-up to include Bath, Children’s Bedding, Throw Blankets and accessories in an assortment of sizes and colors.

Boll & Branch Luxury Organic Cotton Bedding

In 2016 alone, we created a total of 280 new items for you and your family to enjoy, each thoughtfully made with respect for the hands that craft our products with 100% organic cotton.


More to Come

As we continue to grow and disrupt the bedding industry, we’re looking forward to bringing you and your family the softest, most luxurious bath and bedding ever. We hope you’ll be along for the journey!


Boll & Branch Luxury Organic Cotton Bedding

Want to help us come up with our next product? Email to tell us what you'd like Boll & Branch to create next. We love hearing from you!