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Grey Bedroom Ideas: A Pleasantly Pewter Bedroom

Grey Bedroom Ideas: A Pleasantly Pewter Bedroom
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This is one grey area we're comfortable in.


Some people say grey is the color of intellect, knowledge and wisdom, so it’s no surprise that shades of grey are a readily popular color scheme in the bedroom. Take it from photographer Kandis Marino, who created a subtle and soothing escape by matching pewter bedding to her grey walls for the perfect grey bedroom.


Designer Organic Cotton Bedroom Inspiration


The Bedding

One glance at this bed and you’ll see how effortlessly Kandis was able to blend solids and stripes. She started off this look with the Banded Sheet Set in Pewter, making sure to place the flat sheet “finished side down,” as we recommend doing in our How to Make a Bed blog. She then covers the bed using the Hemmed Duvet Cover in Pewter. Not yet on the duvet train? You may be after you hear what Kandis said about her very own duvet cover:


"We seriously haven't used our duvet in years, but now with the Boll & Branch cover on it, I just want to roll up in a ball every day!"

Luxury Organic Bedding Inspiration


The Pillows

Beds in general are difficult to leave on a cold, wintery day. But beds with extra pillows? Impossible! Kandis used a total of six pillows to decorate her bed; a combination of two Banded Euro Shams, two Banded Standard Shams and two sleeping pillows. It’s completely up to you how you’d like to style your decorative pillows, but you can check out our Anatomy of a Bed blog to find out where we typically place them.


Luxury Organic Cotton Pillows and Decorative Shams


The Cable Knit Throw

And now for the finishing touch on this grey bedroom idea, our famous Cable Knit Throw in Carbon. To create this piece, we took the classic elements of your favorite sweater and weaved a blanket of both balanced weight and touchable softness for all-season comfort. The carbon colored accent on the pewter bed draws the eye and adds exceptional texture to the overall bedroom look. You can choose to lay it flat over the base of the bed, or casually drape it across a corner for that “effortless” touch.


Designer Organic Cotton Throw Blanket

Designer Organic Cotton Bedroom Inspiration 

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