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How to Take a Bath (and Relax like a Pro)

How to Take a Bath (and Relax like a Pro)
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Bring back bubble baths!

When was the last time you took a bubble bath? We at Boll & Branch are making it our mission to bring them back, because there’s nothing quite so relaxing after a long day than slipping into a warm, soothing bath. If you haven't taken a bubble bath since childhood, chances are you may have forgetting exactly how to take a bath and really relax. Hear this loud and clear: bath time is YOU time! That means turn off your phone, lock the door and close your eyes. You devote time to your responsibilities all day, every day, but for the next thirty minutes, you need to soak up as much peace and quiet as possible so you can reap all the bubble bath benefits. Before you turn on the water, here are a few necessities that must be present for you to reach ultimate bath time delight.

Step 1: Choose Plush Bath Towels

Bath towels are what take your bubble bath to the next level of luxurious, which is why we scoured the globe to create the softest, most absorbent organic bath towels in existence. Boll & Branch bath towels and bath sheets are made with long-staple cotton for unparalleled softness, and are designed with ultra-low twist technology that adds to the soft and durable nature of the towel. Your towels are there to dry you off after your soothing session, or to act as plush pillows! Mix it up with a variety of bath sheets, bath towels, hand towels and washcloths to create the perfect oasis. You deserve to use the softest bath towels ever!

100% Organic Cotton Bath Towels

100% Organic Cotton Bath Towels

Step 2: Pick the Right Bubbles

You need to decide whether you like minimal bubbles or full-on bubble mania. Generally speaking, bath foam produces the maximum amount of bubbles. We prefer bath foam over regular bubbles because it reminds us of soft, fluffy cotton bolls to match the plush bath towels!

100% Organic Cotton Bath Towels for Bubble Bath

Step 3: Grab a Drink

Perhaps wine isn’t your thing, but make sure to bring whatever beverage you fancy into the tub with you. Our choice is a glass of Malbec! 

Organic Cotton Bath Towels and Wine for a Luxurious Bath

Step 4: Epsom Salts

Did you know Epsom salts have natural health benefits including the ability to reduce inflammation, help muscle and nerve function, help improve the absorption of nutrients, flush toxins and ease migraines? Dissolve 1–2 cups of Epsom salts in warm water for a truly spa-tacular experience.

Epsom Salts and Organic Cotton Bath Towels for Bubble Bath

Step 5: Candlelight

A flickering flame can soothe and center you, so why not surround yourself with aromatic candles? Candlelight promotes stillness, solitude and meditation—exactly what you’re looking for!

Candlelight and Bubbles with Organic Cotton Bath Towels

Now sit back, relax and soak up the tranquility. We know you'll make bubble bath time your next weekly activity.