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Boll & Branch vs. Human Trafficking

Boll & Branch vs. Human Trafficking
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"In a gentle way, you can shake the world." —Ghandi


Did you know there are about 45.8 million modern-day slaves today? It’s a staggering number, and while we no longer see slavery the way the history books portray it, it is still all around us. In fact, nearly every item you own has been touched by some form of forced labor! We at Boll & Branch want to put an end to it, and we’re excited to share the steps we take in order to achieve this.


Boll & Branch for Human Rights


Through Thoughtful Manufacturing

We are a people-first company, which means that each hand involved in the creation of our products is treated with the utmost respect. We pay a premium for the raw, organic cotton that we source in order to compensate the hard-working farmers and factory workers according to the living wage of that particular area.


Boll & Branch is Fair Trade and Ethically Made for Human Rights


While we love a good bargain (and we’re sure you do, too!), it’s important for us to pay each man and woman fairly for the services they provide.


Boll & Branch is Fair Trade and Ethically Made Bedding that Prioritizes Human Rights


Nearly all of our products have a Fair Trade USA certification to help reassure you—the customer—that we are doing everything we can to treat our overseas team members ethically. That’s what we call a win-win situation! To learn more about our company values, visit Our Story page.


Boll & Branch Organic Bedding is Fair Trade and Ethically Made


Through Not For Sale

Apart from our fair and ethical practices, we have partnered with Not For Sale, a nonprofit dedicated to the fight against human trafficking. A portion of every purchase goes toward this cause, and we couldn’t be more proud to say it’s with your help that we are helping to defeat this global issue! For more information on Not For Sale, visit our Giving Back page.


Boll & Branch Organic Bedding is Fair Trade and Ethically Made