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Creative Ways to Reuse Your Boll & Branch Gift Box


Our signature white gift box is way too pretty to throw away! In honor of Earth Day, our Manager of Visual Merchandising Matt Allegretta has invented three ways to turn it into something useful and beautiful for your home.


Memento Keeper

A terrific and simple way to organize mementos is to place them into nice storage boxes. You could organize them by the year (2017, 2018), by the child (Lucy, Charlie), or by the trip (Europe, Mexico).


How To:

    1. Cut a larger-than-you’d-think piece of sturdy paper. We used a craft paper roll. (Wrapping paper is too thin.) The idea is to wrap the entire box—so no white remains—with one sheet.
    2. Using scissors, snip off the ribbon.
    3. Wrap the base of the box like you would a present. We used an exacto knife for precise slicing and a hot glue gun for quick adherence, but scissors and tape or double-sided tape works too.
    4. Once the bottom is covered, you should have one large stretch of paper remaining to cover the lid. Wrap it the lid like you would a present, making your folds as tidy and neat as possible.
    5. If there’s a strip of white left on the inside of the lid, you can cover it by gluing another piece of  paper, cut to fit.
    6. Decorate and label the top any way you’d like. As you can see, we cut white paper into an airplane and the shape of the word, “Europe.”  

Variations: Instead of craft paper you could use a sturdy map of the place you visited. You could also decorate the top with cute, retro-looking postcards of the vacation spot.


Jute Tray

This pretty tray can be used in so many ways: to hold magazines and remote controls underneath the coffee table; to use as a tray for breakfast in bed; or, as we are showing it here, to hold toilet paper and our bathroom towels.

How To:

    1. Using an exacto knife or box cutter, remove the lid from the box.
    2. Snip off the remaining ribbon.
    3. Glue the end of a jute twine roll to a bottom corner of the box using a glue gun.
    4. Wrap the twine around your box—you’re going to use the continuous roll, not pieces of the twine. Once you reach an edge, secure the twine with one dot from your glue gun. Go slowly, and make sure your twine is stretched tightly and neatly.
    5. Glue a thicker piece of rope around the top to clean up your edges. Or, you could braid three pieces of your jute twine and use that as the top edge.

Variation: Add handles! Using a glue gun, secure handles of the thicker to about one-third the way down the tray. If you can find leather handles, even better.


Lego Box

How many times have you stepped on your kids’ Legos? Spare your feet by keeping Legos in this combo storage and play box. They can start building right on top of the box!


How To:

    1. Buy a Lego baseplate that is smaller than our 11” x 15” lid.
    2. Affix baseplate to the lid using a glue gun.
    3. Dump all your legos in the box! If you’d like, you can group each Lego kit and instruction manual together in big Ziploc bags.

Variation: Turn your gift box into a more general toy storage box: Simply glue a piece of posterboard to the lid. Have your kids write “Toys” on the top and decorate it any way they’d like.