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Date Nights and Couch Fests: A Real Love Story

Recently we teamed up with a brand who, like Boll & Branch, believes in the power of a cozy, comfortable home life.

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In time for Valentine’s Day, we invited the happily married Gabriela and David to frolic in Tommy John’s leisurewear and our sheets. We chatted with them about how they keep the romance alive—sharing tips that are relevant even if you aren’t an underwear model.


Treat every interaction as a potential meet-cute.

David was moving out of his apartment and selling his furniture. Gabriela was moving into a new apartment and had no furniture. A mutual friend put them in contact, and Gabriela bought David’s media console. “The funny thing is that it wasn’t even the color she wanted. I think she took it because she liked me,” David says.



Plan out that big gesture.

Gabriela had just landed home in New York, exhausted. But David was adamant about keeping their planned date night, and going for a drink after dinner. She obliged, and they headed to the Wythe Hotel in Brooklyn.

“We were supposed to be going to the hotel bar, but we got off at the wrong floor, and I thought he was taking me to a secret club,” Gabriela says. “But it turns out he had reserved a hotel room, and he packed me a bag with a toothbrush and an extra outfit. And when I turned around, he proposed. I couldn’t believe it!”


Celebrate life’s big moments.

Instead of letting the romance die down after kids, David went all in. “Right after we had our baby, David arranged for the nanny to stay overnight, and booked us a night at a local hotel. It was the best. I ate everything in the mini bar. I ordered myself a birthday cake! We were both asleep by 10 p.m.”


Prioritize travel.

“Every anniversary we try to surprise each other with something new. One year it was tickets to the Sydney Opera House,” says Gabriela. “Since we travel so much for work and to see family—I’m from Guatemala—we tend to stay close. We love Miami. We got married in Antigua, which is a must-see and close to New York. You leave here in the morning, and you’re there by lunch.”


Play together.

“Whenever we can—on trips or in New York—we ride Vespas,” says David. “The deal is, whoever rides on the back has to buy ice cream. We try to keep things fun. We just like to be together.”


Squeeze in time for each other where you can.

“We both travel a lot, but we try not to be apart from each other for more than a week,” says Gabriela. “It’s enough time to miss each other but not enough time to get used to being by ourselves. And we make date night a priority.”


Find romance in the mundane.

Life isn’t all glamour for these jet-setting models. Some of Gabriela and David’s favorite activities happen right in their home, where their uniform is super-comfy sweats.

“Just doing nothing—that’s my favorite thing,” says Gabriela. David adds: “One night I got back from the gym, and the music was playing and she was cooking. I thought to myself, this is amazing. For some reason, that image and feeling just always stuck with me.”


Go for classic Valentine’s Day gifts.

Gabriela loves Valentine’s Day. “For David, it’s not such a big day, but he celebrates it for me. What do I want? Flowers, flowers, and lots of flowers. Did I mention I love flowers?” Gabriela says. “Any other day, I’d go for any other flower. But on Valentine’s Day, we have to keep it classic with roses.”


Know who’s boss.

“Our daughter, Alessandra, wears the pants in this relationship. She has us both wrapped around her little finger,” says David. “We have learned a new kind of love.”