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Dogs And A Clean Home Can Coexist! Here's How

Life with your beloved pet doesn’t have to be messy. Just try these tricks!

Whether the issue is muddy paws, spilled kibble, or so much shedding, having a dog means spending time cleaning. Of course, every time you see that sweet little face, you know it’s all worth it! Still, when you invest in nice things for your home—from organic cotton sheets and throws to special rugs and furniture—you want to keep them nice. Here are some simple ideas to make living with dogs as tidy as possible.

1. Groom them regularly.

Your pup will shed less and smell better. Set a consistent schedule based on breed, coat length, and activity level. Be sure to get their nails trimmed, too—that way, they won’t be as likely to scratch hardwood floors or rip holes in fabric.

2. Place washable mats at the front door.

You’ll instantly decrease the amount of dirt your pet tracks inside. Put down two mats—one right outside the door, one right inside. Stash some wipes there, too: They’re great for doing a quick clean-up on paws.

3. Give your dog a special spot.

They’ll be that much less likely to set up house on your favorite armchair. Create a cozy area that’s just for them, like a quiet corner with an old blanket nestled in a cushy bed. Then wash all bedding regularly.

4. Think twice about letting them sleep on your bed.

It’s up to you, but some owners have a hard-and-fast “no pets on the bed” rule. Going this route is all but guaranteed to keep your bedding cleaner, longer. Still, if you do let them on, consider making the bed with your duvet or blanket pulled up all the way—that way, at least your sheets will stay spotless.

5. Use area rugs strategically.

Place runners and smaller rugs along your pup’s favored paths in the house. They’re lightweight and easier to clean than wall-to-wall carpet: Just shake them out, spot-vacuum, or pop them in the wash.

6. Serve meals on a placemat.

It’s a great way to contain any food or water that gets spilled during dinner—and keep it from staining your floors.

7. Put toys away after playtime.

Leaving them out invites your pup to chew them up and scatter bits all over the house. Instead, set toys aside in a specially designated basket, and wash any damp or dirty ones regularly.

8. Tire out your pet.

A dog that’s happy and exhausted from a regular routine of play and exercise is one that’s less likely to create messes out of loneliness or boredom.


    9. Don’t worry too much.

    Even if you follow all of these suggestions, accidents will happen! The next time one does, take a moment. Rather than stressing about cleanup, remember the amazing things your BFF brings to your life: Endless cuddles, so many laughs, unconditional love. A few spills along the way are a small price to pay.