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Gifts for the Host and Hostess

Gifts for the Host and Hostess
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Give them more than a bottle of wine.


Mom was right, never show up empty-handed. Then again, never show up with something conventional, either. We at Boll & Branch believe that there’s nothing better than giving something thoughtful—especially something they’ll use every day. That’s why we curated a selection of Gifts for the Host and Hostess in our 2016 Holiday Gift Guide!


The Digital Gift Card

Did you suddenly realize you forgot the gift at home right before you pressed the doorbell to the hosts’ house? No worries, you can send them a Digital Gift Card! This is the perfect option for last minute gifting, not to mention you won’t have to stress about what color they would prefer or what size bed they sleep in. Simple and easy!


Digital Gift Card for Luxury Organic Cotton Bedding and Bath Towels


Hand Towels

Here’s a small gesture that won’t go unnoticed, especially if the host or hostess is someone who prides themselves on having their guests use quality hand towels (we all have that one aunt!): bring them a set of new ones. Our Hand Towels are made with the same luxurious cotton that is on our bath towels, making them ultra-plush, super absorbent and remarkably durable. You may even have the “privilege” of using them during the next gathering at their house!


Luxury Organic Cotton Hand Towels for the Holidays


Cable Knit Pillow Cover

We can’t think of an easier accessory to subtly spruce up the hosts’ living room. Our Cable Knit Pillow Cover is made with 100% organic cotton, and has a convenient zipper closure to keep your pillow insert in place. It runs 19 inches by 19 inches, but can fit a square pillow insert up to 20 inches by 20 inches. But apart from the technical features, the Cable Knit Pillow Cover is a beautiful yet minimalistic statement that adds texture to any living room, and we’re sure the host and hostess will love it.


Cable Knit Throw

Perhaps you’d prefer to look for something the whole family can enjoy together. If that’s the case, check out our Cable Knit Throws. Soft? Yes. Stylish? Absolutely. The host and hostess will thank you for giving them something that will let them pend more quality time together, snuggling up under this signature staple.

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