Hispanic Heritage Month: Celebrating Hispanic Interior Designers

At Boll & Branch, doing better has always been our mission. We are committed to creating a more inclusive Trade Collective program that celebrates underrepresented interior designers and their work. 

In honor of Hispanic Heritage Month, we’ve partnered with six inspiring interior designers in the Hispanic community to share their expert tips on styling your bed with this season’s must-have layers. Here, you’ll also get to know each designer, their unique aesthetics and their personal approaches to design.

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Meet Javier Burkle

Founder and Lead Designer of Burkle Creative. When asked about his design aesthetic, Javier says he’s “a collected maximalist at heart” with a love for layering spaces with pieces that tell a story and evoke travel memories. He believes each room should be filled with beautifully designed items that serve a purpose, whether functionally or aesthetically.  

Javier suggests starting with a high-quality flat sheet when styling your bedding layers, saying “it’s the foundation for the entire collection of linens, and it's the piece closest to your skin!” This must-have layer can give your bed an entirely new look without redoing your whole bed set, and can even be alternated for a style update between washes. 

Using this season’s must-have layers, Javier created  “a layered and collected look, full of textures. When I make up the bed, I want each layer to stand out, from the crisp white sheets to the dark-colored blanket and the Sweater Knit Throw Blanket  (so cozy!).” To top it all off, he incorporated custom throw pillows for a fun, finishing touch.

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Meet Janine Rivero & Karina Gonzalez

Co-Founders of KJ Design Collective. They describe their design aesthetic as “Modern Casual Luxe. We love mixing modern elements into a space, but still keeping the overall feel effortless, and comfortable.”

To style this season’s must-have layers, they suggest finding “perfect patterns and textures that will work together seamlessly.” Janine and Karina like to start with neutral tones for a polished, hotel-like look, and use a quilt or throw blanket as a “little peek-a-boo piece that you can play with to bring in texture or introduce a complementary color into the mix” that brings contrast and dimension to the space.   

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Meet Marcy Garcia

Founder and Lead Designer of The MG Design Lab. In her own words, she describes her design aesthetic as Contemporary Casual, saying “I like design that is simple, yet impactful.”

Marcy has a few different techniques to give her beds a “casual, relaxed style.” For throw blankets, she suggests tossing one along the bottom of the bed or folding and draping it diagonally across the bottom corner. “If the throw has an interesting pattern or texture, I also drape it over the headboard.” When it comes to bed blankets, she styles them over the duvet—sometimes layered over the entire width and length of the duvet—to introduce color, texture or pattern to a room. 

To style this season’s must-have layers, Marcy follows 7 steps, starting with a mattress protector. She then adds the sheet set before layering a quilt, followed up with a duvet. Finally, she builds the top of her bed by draping a bed blanket over the duvet and adding her essential sleep pillows. For a polished finishing touch, she suggests adding a throw blanket and decorative pillows to introduce more color and texture. 

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Meet Greg Santos

Founder and Lead Designer of Studio Santos. Greg describes his design aesthetic as “warm, eclectic, and rooted in modernism.” He likes to match each aesthetic to the client’s personality and the location of the home. 

To style this season’s must-have layers, Greg suggests using linen bedding, because its breathable, lightweight nature means “you can never have too many layers.” He tied the colors of every layer into a painting in the room and created depth at the foot of the bed by using the versatile Waffle Bed Blanket instead of a traditional throw blanket. “I love an overflowing bedding look, and you just don’t achieve that with the smaller dimensions of a throw blanket.” 

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Meet Mariella Cruzado

Founder and Lead Designer of Splendor Styling. She describes her design aesthetic as “everyday luxury. I believe everyday is special and should be enjoyed and celebrated! Even a small, luxurious detail in your home can help you feel like the best version of yourself.” 

Mariella gives her bedding seasonless versatility by opting for crisp, all-white layers, her favorite being the Waffle Bed Blanket. “I love the texture and weight of it, and I use it to layer the bed across seasons. One or two of them at the same time. They are a fantastic alternative to an otherwise heavy blanket.”

Using this season’s must-have layers, she opted for a look of “timeless elegance” using neutral colors. “I prefer to keep my bedding white with just a splash of color so it has a luxury hotel feel. In this case, I selected the Signature Eyelet Duvet Set in Pewter so it catches the color of my headboard.”  She used all-white layers to complement our light grey shade, and added a knit throw blanket in a darker hue for an added touch of cozy contrast. 

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