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How Many Sets Of Sheets & Towels Do You Really Need?

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Here’s the Boll & Branch rule of thumb—our answer may surprise you!  


Most of us buy a little more of everything than we really need, and it shows in our linen closets (not to mention our shoe collections). Survey your own shelves, and you’ll probably spot stacks of mismatched sheets, orphaned shams, or random souvenirs (still hanging on to that “Cancun 4 Life” towel from spring break? Us too). Studies estimate that most people use just 20% of what they own; it’s no wonder that many of us are confused about how much of it is truly essential.  


At Boll & Branch, we believe in buying better over buying more. When you choose quality items that are made to last (and relatively timeless in style), you’ll find that you don’t need an endless supply of stuff.  


This is why we subscribe to the rule of three. Yes, that’s it: Three sets of sheets per bed, plus three sets of towels per person, and you’re good. The idea is that one set goes on the bed (or towel rack), one stays in the closet, and one can go in the hamper. If you’re super-tidy and tend to do laundry frequently, you may even be able to get away with two. Alternately, you may find that owning additional washcloths or pillowcases works better with your routine. But when in doubt, three sets hits the sweet spot. 


This shopping philosophy has multiple benefits. You’ll always have extra sheets and towels on hand, should you need to make a quick switch for an out-of-town guest. At the same time, you’ll  own few enough sets that you can take good care of each one. You’re also more likely to have enough room to store everything properly. (The fabric bags that come with our sheets are a genius way to keep your linen closet organized—each features a tag showing exactly which items are inside.)


And most important of all, you’ll be able to invest in products you truly love.