How to Nap: Three Types of Naps You Should Try

How to Nap: Three Types of Naps You Should Try

We dare you to take a nap.

Come on, you know you want to. As the unofficial authority on all things sleep, we think there’s nothing better than a few minutes of shut-eye during the day—especially when you’re dreaming on the softest, purest cotton bedding. The National Sleep Foundation agrees, saying naps can restore alertness, enhance performance and improve mood. Not yet convinced? Some of history’s most celebrated people were nappers; including John. F. Kennedy, Winston Churchill, Albert Einstein and Thomas Edison. Enough said!

If you're really busy all the time, it may feel like you've forgotten how to nap. We understand, and we're here to help. So grab a throw, lie back and enjoy our favorite types of naps so you can be a napping pro.


The Cat Nap

Feeling introverted? Sensitive? Perhaps even a little sassy? Take a cat nap. This 15–25 minutes of sweet sleep is just what you need to help boost your energy and improve your overall mood. To get the most out of your cat nap, you’ll have to prep your mind and body beforehand to fall asleep quickly.

The Best Types of Naps 

Helpful tip: Rub lavender scented lotion on your hands and neck before sleep, the aroma induces a relaxed state of mind.


The Power Nap

Few things are as satisfying as a midday power nap.  Take 30–45 minutes out of your busy schedule to snooze your way to a more productive afternoon. Power naps are perfect if you feel the need to recharge and clear your mind.

The Power Nap 

Helpful tip: When you’re falling asleep, your body temperature drops. To speed up this process, cool your room and be sure to sleep in soft, breathable sheets.


The Wine-Down

Stress can be incredibly taxing on the body, and sometimes after a long day and before a long night you want to indulge in a relaxing beverage of your choice, like wine or hot, caffeine-free tea. These naps can typically stretch up to 90 minutes, so be sure to set an alarm if you have somewhere to be!

Wine and Naps  

Helpful tip: Set your phone on ‘silent’ mode to ensure no unwanted distractions. This is your time to unwind!


No matter what type of nap you enjoy, make sure you’re choosing the softest bedding and throws—you deserve it.