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How To Save Money On Your Heating Bill

How To Save Money On Your Heating Bill
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Don’t throw your money out the window!

Winter isn’t so bad—until you spot the energy bill. Then you remember why you miss those easy, breezy days of summer. Don’t you wish there was a way to cut down on your energy bill without freezing for the next few months? Well, we’re here to tell you there is! In fact, there are three different ways to help save money on heat, thanks to a few of our favorite Boll & Branch products.


A Throw Blanket for the Living Room

There’s nothing worse than sitting down to watch a good film with your friends and suddenly feeling the chill. Help offset the cold with one of our highly recommended throw blankets! You can choose the classic Cable Knit Throw or the modern-yet-subtle Origami Throw. Either one is made with 100% organic cotton and is perfectly balanced for all-season enjoyment. The only question is, will you share it with your friends, or keep all the coziness to yourself?


Luxury Organic Cotton Throw Blanket to Save Money on Heat


Bath Sheets for Bath Time

When the movie is over and your friends have left, it’s time to treat yourself to a luxurious bubble bath. Hot baths are a must-have for anyone looking to stay warm without raising the thermostat, but then there’s the inevitable dread of exiting the tub—until now. We’ll bet that Boll & Branch Bath Sheets are bigger than any bath towel you own, because we designed them to wrap around your whole body with soft, organic cotton. They’re also durable, so you can look forward to using and reusing them year round.


Luxury Organic Cotton Bath Sheets to Save Money on Heat


A Duvet Cover for the Bedroom

Layering your bed with soft, organic cotton is one way to warm up during long, winter nights. Boll & Branch Duvet Covers are exactly what your down feather duvet has been missing! Like all of our products, it is made with 100% organic cotton for the softest sleep imaginable. They’re convenient, too! Your duvet cover will stay put thanks to the button closure and corner ties, so you never have to worry about climbing out of bed to make an adjustment. Feel free to hibernate all season long.


Luxury Organic Cotton Duvet Covers to Save Money on Heat


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