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Spring cleaning: How to Wash Your Luxury Bedding

Spring has sprung!

With the change of season we can’t help but feel a newness and freshness in the air that gets us excited for…spring cleaning! When it comes to specifically spring cleaning our bedding, we take this task very seriously—we do love a clean set of sheets, but who doesn't? In fact, we follow a few how-to’s all year long each time we wash and launder bedding, knits, towels and blankets. Our soft, pure 100% organic cotton products do love some TLC and it’s super easy to wash them right, thanks to our expert tips below. Be sure to scroll down as well for our pin-able and print-able laundry care guide for all products! Here is how to wash bedding:

How to Care for your Boll & Branch Bedding

Use a neutral, liquid, biodegradable detergent. If you’re a powder person, just make sure the powder has dissolved before adding your items to the wash. We do not suggest using bleach. However, if necessary, use a non-chlorine bleach on whites only. Other colors should not be bleached at all. Wash your items on a cold, gentle cycle and shake items out between washing and drying to keep the wrinkles away.

For Bed Linens

– Boll & Branch sheets will get softer every time you wash them, but wash them before you use them for an ideal fit, since they aren’t pre-shrunk in chemicals like most sheets. You should always be washing sheets before use!

– Avoid washing sheets with towels or blankets, unless you like super linty sheets.

– Tumble dry low. As soon as the dryer finishes, take them out so they don’t get sad and wrinkled.

– If you want a crisper look, or if your mother-in-law is coming over, use a warm iron.

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