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Make Your Beach Towels Last

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Quick tricks to keep your towels looking and feeling great, long after Memorial Day.


There’s something wonderful about plopping down on a soft, deliciously warm towel after your swim. It feels so good, and those fun colors and playful patterns are just a bonus. A certain amount of wear and tear is inevitable when it comes to beach towels, especially large beach towels, but it’s nothing to stress about—who wants to spend a glorious day in the sun fretting about fading and fluffiness? Still, there are some steps you can take to keep your towels going strong for as long as possible. Here we'll share all our best tips for how to freshen towels, how to keep sour smells out of towels, and how to keep towels soft all year long. 


Let them dry fully after using. Don’t toss damp towels right in the hamper—or worse, leave them bundled up in your bag. Beach towels tend to be longer and wider than regular ones, which means they’ll take more time to dry (and potentially mildew that much more). Instead, hang or drape them across a chair or railing; choosing a spot that’s out of the sun will help minimize fading.


Remove all sand. Once they’re dry, shake out your towels thoroughly. Your goal is to remove as much sand as possible before washing: Sand plus water can equal glue in the wash, damaging towel threads and even your washing machine over time.


Launder gently. At Boll & Branch, we suggest washing all towels in cold water using a gentle detergent. Avoid bleach and fabric softeners, and wash separately. Tumble-dry on low or medium heat.


Be cautious with beauty products and sunscreen. Skip makeup at the beach (it’s better for your skin anyway!). Give self-tanners time to do their magic before you hit the sand, to avoid discoloration. And consider passing on sunscreens that contain avobenzone, which can leave rust-colored stains on towels and clothing.


Store carefully for the off-season. Make sure your towels are thoroughly clean and 100% dry before you put them away post-Labor Day. Properly learning how to fold towels could go a long way as well. Even a small amount of moisture can morph into a stale, seriously musty smell many months from now. No one wants to kick off summer 2018 like that!