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How to Make Your Bed Ready for Summer by Zevy Joy

How to Make Your Bed Ready for Summer by Zevy Joy
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With summer almost here, it’s time to get your bed and bedroom ready for the new season! This week we partnered with blogger Zevy Joy to create the perfect bedroom look for summer.

First, it’s all about clean and bright neutrals – Zevy chose our white and shore blue bedding. Then, she followed these simple styling tips below:

  1. Well fitted sheets are pulled taught, tucked and straightened as they will be on display. Pillows are upright and ready for a couple more layers to come.
  2. Now take the Euro shams and layer them atop the pillowcases. Next you will finish off pillows with the shams.
  3. Fold your duvet/comforter in half or thirds on top of the freshly tucked sheets. This will afford an extra layer for those cooler summer nights but makes it easy to keep at the foot of the bed when it is too hot.
  4. Loosely drape a blanket in the corner hanging from the edge showing pretty texture and much like clothing, has the versatility of layers.
  5. Lastly, add a tray to the entire look with candles or flowers. This is the finishing touch and makes it easy to put on or remove at the start/end of the day.

For more information and to check out her post, please visit here. Happy summer!