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Making Time For What Matters, Father’s Day and Every Day


Boll & Branch co-founder Scott Tannen on enjoying the little things with his three daughters.


As an entrepreneur, Scott Tannen regularly logs 80-hour workweeks. So when it comes to carving out precious time with his daughters (Sophie, 13, and Brooke and Hailey, both 10), he wants every minute to count. “I work—a lot!” he says. “So the time that I have with the kids, I try to be full-on.” Tannen believes that smaller moments can make a big impact when it comes to parenting. “Especially when you have daughters, as a dad you feel like you can’t contribute to everything,” he says. “I can’t do hair—I leave that to my wife, Missy. So I think about the places where I can add value.” Here are some of the rituals he’s made routine:


1. Prepping school lunches. “I come downstairs first in the morning, so I just started doing it: sandwiches, fruit...maybe some candy, even though it’s frowned upon by the school. I’ll leave a note on their napkins, or draw a picture and let them guess what it is.”


2. Going to their soccer games. “Sports give my kids a way to test themselves. I think any parent loves to see their children face challenges and find success. There’s so much you learn from playing sports that goes beyond the physical aspect of it.”


3. Watching Star Wars together. “I’m a Star Wars fanatic, and my girls are really into it, for better or worse. When they were younger, they were terrified of Darth Vader, but I helped them power through. Now we play Lego Star Wars on the Playstation together, and we go to the movies the day they come out. It’s become our thing!


4. Turning errands into games. “We call them ‘secret missions’ and we get to be spies. I like to have fun, even if we’re just going to the grocery store. The kids actually fight over who gets to run errands with me.”


5. Hosting dance parties. “We’ll crank up the Sonos on Friday night and rock out to their music: Taylor Swift, Maroon 5, Calvin Harris, Katy Perry. It reminds me of my dad, who loved showtunes and classic Motown—he’d always have the record player going. Dance parties even continue when I drive them to school in the morning. We turn the music way  up and kick off our days on the right note...pun absolutely intended.”


6. Saying goodnight. “Missy and I used to read them books every night. They’re reading their own books now, but they still wait with the lights on in their rooms for me to tuck them in. My daughter Hailey loves it when I take off the sheets and remake the bed with her in it. They’re Boll & Branch sheets, of course.”