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Meet the Woman Disrupting the $22B Bedding Industry

Meet the Woman Disrupting the $22B Bedding Industry
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Missy Tannen is Founder of Boll & Branch, one of the fastest growing consumer goods companies on the planet. Like many successful Entrepreneurs, Missy’s story begins in the classroom… the difference being that she was the teacher!

While the idea of a 3rd grade classroom teacher turned full-time mom teaming up with her husband (who happened to be a video game developer) to create a bedding business might not sound like the recipe for success, their perspective as disgruntled category consumers who are unencumbered by the unfortunate norms of that very category that has truly been the secret sauce of Boll & Branch.

As the first ever bedding brand to become certified by Fair Trade USA, Boll & Branch proves that quality and well-treated workers can coexist. Selling online only has allowed the company to cut out the middle-men, acquiring materials directly from small-holder farmers. Missy’s attention to detail, self-taught design savvy, and art background allow her to successfully oversee numerous areas of the company — from product design, to development, packaging and customer experience. Her relentless pursuit of the perfect product is what has made Boll & Branch such a rare success.

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