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Spotlight On: The Natural Collection

Spotlight On: The Natural Collection
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Thousands of customers have come to buy (and love!) our best-selling white sheets collection (the reviews don’t lie). But, it’s now time that to put the spotlight on another one of our crowd-favorites… our natural collection.


Made from the same 100% organic cotton that is a brand signature of Boll & Branch, the products from the natural collection are meticulously woven from un-dyed organic cotton yarn. This results in a beautiful soft natural with tiny flecks of light brown throughout, which are small pieces of the natural cotton fibers. Cotton balls have two third seeds and after ginning and spinning, some of the seeds remain in the yarn and fabric. Void of any dyes whatsoever and any chemical processing (aka. no toxins or treated with hydrogen peroxide), they’re perfect for consumers with skin sensitiveness or those who desire truly clean living. It’s simply the cleanest and most natural type of material you can get.

Browse the natural collection of natural sheets, natural duvets, natural baby bedding (blankets and crib sheets), natural cable knit throws and natural towels and live naturally.