Boll & Branch Natural vs. Ivory Color Bed Sheets

The Difference Between Natural and Ivory Colors

Out of all the beautiful colors available for Boll & Branch products, we receive the most questions about the difference between Natural bed sheets and Ivory bed sheets. While these shades of white look similar, there are a few key differences.


The Natural color sheet sets or bath towels are actually made of undyed cotton, otherwise known as greige cotton, that is woven and finished without going through the dying process. The beauty of this color is the presence of what we like to call “freckles” in the sheet or bath towel. In essence, these barely-there freckles are bits of seeds or other organic material that has been caught in the ginning, spinning and weaving processes. Each Natural colored item is completely unique, thanks to the freckles! Looking for a sheet or bath towel that is nearly untouched by anything but nature? Choose Natural! Here is a close-up of Natural bed sheets:

Natural Bed Sheets in Greige Organic Cotton

Ivory Color

What color is ivory really? Ivory is dyed to hide the freckles that are characteristic of Natural. When comparing the two colors, the Ivory color will have a slightly more yellow tint, while Natural will look more pale. To the inexperienced eye, both colors look very similar, so you have to know to look for the barely-there freckles to determine whether the sheet or bath towel is a Natural or Ivory color. Here’s a close-up look at an Ivory color bed sheet:

Ivory Bed Sheets in Organic Cotton

Here’s an image that shows Natural and Ivory side-by-side, so you can clearly see the differences between the two shades of white:

The Difference between Ivory and Natural Cotton Bed Sheets

What About Bath Towels?

Bath towels in either Ivory or Natural have a nearly identical appearance, only because the piles/twists of the towels hide the cotton freckles and catch light in a way that bed sheets don’t. If you’re deciding between Natural and Ivory bath towels, ask yourself if you prefer a “manicured” set or something more au naturale.

100% Organic Ivory and Natural Bath Towels