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Pride Month: Celebrating LGBTQ+ Interior Designers

At Boll & Branch, doing better has always been our mission. We are committed to creating a more inclusive Trade Collective program that celebrates underrepresented interior designers and their work. 

In honor of Pride Month, we’ve partnered with three interior designers in the LGBTQ+ community—Perry Walter, Candace Mary and Avery Frank—to spotlight their talent and share their expert advice on how to style your bed for summer. You’ll also get to know each designer, their unique aesthetics and their personal approaches to design. 

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Meet Perry Walter

Founder of Walter Studio Interior Design in Atlanta, with nearly 20 years of industry experience. In his own words, Perry’s style incorporates “modern, curated vintage accents to create visual interest and a playful use of color.” He’s inspired by the creativity he sees in the world, as well as his own experiences. “Travel, nature, fashion, art and architecture all have an influence on my style. I have found color inspiration from our travels—whether it's the breathtaking aqua-blue waters of the Amalfi coast or the natural green landscapes in Laguna Beach.”

Living in the south, Perry is an expert at building beds that look and feel incredible in warm climates. When transitioning your bed for summer, he recommends using multiple lightweight layers, selected and styled with these 3 tips:

  1. “Use all organic cotton sheets to keep you cooler and more comfortable while sleeping.”  

  2. “Keep it simple. I prefer an all-white bedding aesthetic. This way you can add color with other bedding accents, pillows or layers.”

  3. “Add two to three accent pillows on the bed for color. Don’t overdo it with too many pillows.”   

This summer, Perry styled his bed with the breathable all-white layers he loves—starting with our light and airy Linen Duvet Set, and adding our springy, all-season Waffle Bed Blanket for the perfect touch of texture. He topped it off with accent pillows in a vibrant, nature-inspired pattern, for a bed that evokes the season perfectly.

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Meet Candace Mary

Founder of Candace Mary Interiors, creating stunning and serene home designs in Chicago. She describes her aesthetic as “Cohesive and inviting. I love unexpected pops of color.” Candace balances warmth and elegance perfectly, crafting rooms that are “Polished, but not overly polished. I want people to walk into the space and want to stay for a while.” 

As a seasoned interior designer, Candace knows how to bring that distinct sense of calm and class into any bedroom—while using minimal, lightweight layers that feel cool and refreshing to sleep in. When transitioning your bed for summer, her go-to advice is to lighten things up, from colors and patterns to fabrics and accents. She expands on this in her top 3 summer bedding tips:

  1. “Peel back the layers!” 

  2. “Invest in new sheets, and introduce something lighter in tone and texture.” 

  3. “Switch up your accent pillows to bring new life to your bed!” 

Candace sees summer as a chance to play with all-new colors. “I love neutral tones for summer! I like to layer neutrals on neutrals, incorporating varying textures. From there, I like adding dusty-tone accent pillows, such as a blush or a dusty blue. It brings summer vibes and still feels very elegant.”

She brought that casual elegance to her own bed this season with our light and airy Linen Duvet Set, in our summery Shore color that complements her patterned pillows and modern decor. She integrates texture with our breathable Waffle Bed Blanket in Stone, for a bed look you’d find at a high-end coastal retreat.

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Meet Avery Frank

Founder of Avery Frank Designs on the East Coast, transforming homes from Virginia to New York. His styling catches your eye in an instant, with thoughtful accents that draw you in further and further. Avery describes his design aesthetic as “tailored, colorful and richly detailed with vintage additions.” 

For summer, he recommends colors that keep your bedroom feeling fresh and bright, with accent pieces that offer a warm and welcoming touch. He loves to style with “cool blues and whites with pops of color bedside, like books or flowers.” 

In addition to being well-versed in choosing the perfect colors and details, Avery is also an expert at selecting lightweight layers for summer. To get your best sleep—on even the warmest of nights—he recommends 3 simple yet essential tips:

1. “Switch to a lighter duvet insert.”

2. “Remove your throw blankets.” 

3. “Sleep in cool, crisp sheets.”

Avery’s favorite bedding fabric for summer is Percale, which feels distinctly crisp and breathable to sleep in. On top of Percale sheets, he suggests adding “a light blanket, with a duvet left folded at the end of the bed.” 

And that’s exactly how Avery styled his bed this season. He built it with our naturally cooling Percale Banded Duvet Set in Shore, which is hand-finished with a line of ocean-blue banding. He keeps it feeling cool and cohesive with a matching Waffle Bed Blanket in Shore, which ties back to the beautiful blue accents his bedroom showcases.

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Make sure you follow Perry (@perrywalter), Candace (@candacemaryinteriors) and Avery (@averyfrankdesigns) for design inspiration all year long, and look for ways to support and advocate for your local LGBTQ+ community.