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It’s true, Boll & Branch has disrupted the bedding industry in a big way by creating the softest sheets in the world using 100% organic cotton and responsible growing and manufacturing methods. Since our inception in 2014, we have expanded to other home textiles products like our super-plush bath towel collection, our children’s bedding and our ultra-comfy throw blankets

We want you to get to know a little more about our family business and bedding startup. One of the best parts of supporting small businesses is knowing there's a human face behind every product and purchase. And so, without further ado…

Kathy Boykoff, Office Manager. She takes care of our whole team! 

Boll & Branch Office ManagerList one thing no one knows about you.

—”I can sing, I just don’t do it in public!”

What is your favorite Boll & Branch product?

—”The sheets! After recently spending two weeks in Japan—in various accommodations—I was so happy to be back in my own bed and to have my sheets wrap me in the soft and comforting feeling of being home!


Casey Carpiniello, Senior Manager, MediaShe’s probably the reason you’ve heard of us, thanks to her media buying and ad placement!  

Boll & Branch Senior Manager, MediaList one thing no one knows about you.

—”I was on the cover of a brochure for Girl Scouts when I was 10 years old.”

List one thing you love about working at Boll & Branch.

—”My team trusts me with the ability to make important strategic decisions on a daily basis that really make a difference for the business.”


Jessyca Williams, Customer Experience Specialist. She takes care of all of your purchasing and product questions!

Boll & Branch Customer Experience SpecialistWhat was the last movie you saw at the theater?

—”I saw Kevin Hart: What Now? Hilarious!”

List your favorite Boll & Branch product.

—”My favorite product is our Cable Knit Throw. It’s perfect for a cold night!”


Logan Crane, Director of Operations. She makes sure your sheets get to you!

Boll & Branch Director of OperationsList one thing no one knows about you.

—”My favorite subject in school was sign language.”

List your favorite Boll & Branch product.

—”Flannel bedding! I’m from Portland, Maine—the only way to get through cold winters is a warm and cozy bed!”


Robin Hecht, Finance Manager. She makes sure our finances are in order!

Boll & Branch Finance ManagerWho is your favorite musical artist?


List one thing you love about working at Boll & Branch.

—”The people! There’s nothing like them!”


Milla Leighton, Senior Manager, Design & Development. She helps design our beautiful products!

Boll & Branch Senior Manager, Design and DevelopmentList one thing no one knows about you.

—"I can make pretty realistic farm animal noises!”

List one thing you love about working at Boll & Branch.

—”It’s an ethical company, something I feel very proud of!”


We’ve made a big impact for such a small team—working out of our headquarters in Summit, New Jersey—all the while remaining rooted in our core beliefs so that you and your family can feel good about our products, inside and out. Shop small and support bedding startups that are changing the industry, one boll of organic cotton at a time.