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The Art of The Well-Made Bed

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Crisp sheets, oh-so fluffy pillows: It doesn’t have to be just a dream.


Staying at a fancy hotel is great for lots of reasons, but those beds have to be at the top of the list. You get the sense that every detail has been thought through, from the buttery-soft sheets to the evening turndowns. Well, you can create that wonderfully inviting effect in your own bedroom—and it’s easier than you may think. With these tricks, your bedtime routine can become as luxurious and cozy as sleeping in a hotel. 


Boll & Branch co-founder Missy Tannen has plenty of ideas to get you started. (Missy knows a thing or two about putting a nice bed together—this one’s hers!) Her number-one suggestion: Don’t worry about making things “perfect.” “No one lives up to the ideal every single day,” she says. “But when you have extra time, spending a few minutes on your bed will help you enjoy your bedroom that much more.” Here are her top tips.


1. First, declutter.

“No matter how hard you work on your bed, you won’t feel relaxed if there’s a basket of unfolded laundry right next to it,” she says. “It’s distracting.” So put away as many items as you can—less is definitely more here!—by relegating piles of paper and various to-dos to other rooms.


2. Iron your sheets (a little).

Crisp bedding can look beautiful, but you don’t have to iron every single inch to get the effect. “In theory, I’d love to do that,” Missy says, “but I’ve ironed so many sheets for our photo shoots!” Her trick: Ironing just the pillowcases, along with the top hem of the flat sheet. “It takes less time, and it’ll still look nice when you fold over your flat sheet to do the turndown.”  


3. Try a partial tuck.

“I don’t do perfect hospital corners, but I do tuck in the flat sheet at the foot of the bed,” she says. “Then I tuck in one side really tight for my husband, Scott—that’s how he likes it! But on my side, I prefer to leave it hanging loose. Everyone’s different, so do what works for you.”


4. If you use a duvet, keep it fluffy.

“Give it a quick shake every few days to redistribute the fibers, then center it on your bed,” she says. (A duvet cover with inside ties at each corner makes keeping your duvet in place super-easy.)


5. Top with a lightweight throw.

“A throw adds a pop of color and texture, and it’s great for when you want to relax in bed, but you’re not quite ready to go to sleep,” Missy says. “I personally love getting into bed before I’m exhausted so I can watch TV or read a magazine.”


6. Arrange your pillows.

“I like to have some fullness,” Missy says. She accessorizes her king bed with three Euro shams at the headboard, followed by two king shams and a hand-embroidered lumbar sham in front for a decorative touch. “I put our sleeping pillows behind it all.” she says. “Those are the ones that are mismatched, all different sizes and densities. They definitely get lived-in.”


7. Take a minute for the turndown.

“After dinner, everyone in our family changes into comfy clothes for the rest of the night—this is a great time to turn down your bed,” she says of her bedtime routine. “Just pull down your duvet or blanket by about two feet, with the flat sheet on top of it.” When you’re ready, getting into bed will feel like a treat. 


8. Set your pillows aside in a stack.

“When I take the pillows we don’t use for sleep off of the bed, I stack them on top of each other next to my night table: first the Euros, then the kings, then the lumbar,” Missy says. “It looks so much more pulled together than throwing them on the floor...even if you don’t have time to make your bed the next morning!”