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The Best Advice My Mom Ever Gave Me

We have to admit, mom was right about so many things. In honor of Mother’s Day, Boll & Branch staffers are sharing motherly advice from their moms and grandmothers—and revealing the home essentials these wise women love best. 


Scott Tannen, Co-Founder

“My mom passed away a couple of years before we started Boll & Branch. When she was sick she asked me, ‘How will you leave the world a better place?’ I guess that question was all the advice I needed to start this company. Her favorite bedding related saying was to never go to bed mad. It’s something that I still live by and tell my daughters!”


Kathy Boykoff, Office Manager

“Growing up my mother would always say, ‘Good, better, best; never let it rest, until your good is better and your better best!’ She always taught us to strive to be and do the best that we could. So even if it was a simple task of making the bed, you made it correctly, with perfectly tucked military corners. To this day, I cannot get into an unmade bed. Even if I have to make it just to get into it!”

Mom’s Favorite Boll & Branch Product: Signature Soft Sheets. “She is obsessed with their softness,” Kathy says, “and was thrilled when I gifted her with a second set for Christmas last year!”


Robin Hecht, Senior Finance Manager

“My mom would always tell me that it’s not nice to say that any kind of food is ‘yucky.’ And when I would tell her I was bored, she would say, ‘go bang your head against the wall!’ I never did bang my head against the wall.”

Mom’s Favorite Boll & Branch Product: Cable Knit Throw Blanket. “She has one in practically every color—even the hard-to-come-by green throw! She lives in Florida, but my dad loves to keep it super cold, and she always finds herself reaching for a throw blanket to warm up.”


Anna Veltri, Creative Project Manager

“Here is some advice my mom has given me over the years: ‘Always be yourself, and be passionate but flexible in your beliefs. Work hard at whatever you're doing. Be kind to others—it goes a long way and will make you a better person. Try to let go of the insignificant negative occurrences.’ (That last one comes with age!)”

Mom’s Favorite Boll & Branch Product: Flannel Sheets.  “My mom says they ‘envelope [her] in warmth and softness,’” Anna says.


Milla Leighton, Senior Manager, Design & Development

“My mom’s mom (my Gramma) taught her to make the bed with the flat top sheet fancy side down. That way when you turn it down the printed side shows. ‘It sounds like a no-brainer,’ my mom says, ‘but when a friend was helping me change sheets one day she had never done that and thought it was the best thing ever! I'm glad I was able to share that hint with her.’”

Mom’s Favorite Boll & Branch Product: Flannel Sheets. I may never take the flannels off my bed!” she says. “They are so soft and cuddly. Like a warm hug. The cotton sheets are by far the nicest quality that I have ever had the privilege to sleep on. Just lovely. Keep up the great work!”


Matt Allegretta, Manager of Visual Merchandising

“My grandmom says that folding a fitted sheet correctly is a sign of adulthood. Ugh, I’m never growing up!”

Mom’s Favorite Boll & Branch Product: Waffle Blanket. “Not for the bed, but for snuggling on the sofa!”


Maria Horton, VP, People & Culture

“My grandmother always said, ‘Our home is always an open home, where family and friends feel welcome.’ My mom, Patricia, taught me to never leave the house with an unmade bed.”

Mom’s Favorite Boll & Branch Product: “She loves that the lightweight Waffle Blanket is so cozy and warm,” Maria says. “She’s about to buy another for the guest room.”


Derek Dobutovich, Production Associate

“My Grandmother (my Omama) always says, ‘It’s best to be with family and enjoy each other’s company.’”


Bre Crotty, Graphic Designer

“My mom always told me (and still tells me): ‘Love never divides, it only multiplies.’”