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The Best Gift Giving Ideas For Everyone On Your List

Start with an experience they’ll treasure for years to come. 

The Best Gift Giving Ideas For Everyone On Your List

What makes the best gifts? Whether you’re searching for the best Christmas gifts, perfect year-end presents, unique treasures for kids, last-minute gifts for friends, or a treat for yourself (gift shopping is hard work, afterall, and you deserve it), there are a couple of qualities that make a gift really stand out from any other: it’s durability and relevance to your gift receiver (will this gift be loved and used for months and years to come?) and how it makes your gift receiver feel (literally and figuratively). Here, we round up our favorite Boll & Branch gifts and what makes them so uniquely special for giving this holiday season.

Don't Gift A "Thing," Gift An "Experience"

When it comes to gifting, there's a big difference between giving someone a “thing” and giving an “experience”. Think about it: a “thing” is that beautifully wrapped box under the tree, while an “experience” offers a promise of memories waiting to be made. 

At Boll & Branch, everything we make is intended to offer the dreamiest experience possible. Our super-soft, 100% organic cotton bedding isn't just a “thing”; it's cozier nights and dreamier sleeps. And who doesn’t want to sleep better every night?

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Find Gifts That Stand The Test Of Time.

This year’s “it gift,” in our humble opinion, shouldn’t be something that will be discarded or go unused after the box is first opened. Gifts that stand the test of time might sound like a major investment, but they don’t have to be. At Boll & Branch, the dreamiest gift we believe you can give or receive is better sleep for years to come. Everything we make, from our bedding to our bath products, furniture, and rugs, are designed with timeless style to endure everyday wear. And the farmers and artisans who make our products are paid and treated fairly. This last point is especially important: when a product is made with care, no corners are cut, and no aspects of the design are undermined.

Before you say that Sheet Sets don’t feel like an exciting gift, hear us out. They are something that will be used and loved every single day by your gift recipient. Every time they make their bed in the morning, and every time they pull back the covers at night, they’ll feel how much you care for them. What makes our bedding a gift that will truly be loved over the years, is the quality. While a high thread count is often considered a beacon of luxury, it’s thread quality that determines how a material feels and performs over time. At Boll & Branch, we use the absolute finest 100% organic cotton threads we can find on earth. All of our fabrics are made to the highest standards, including being free from toxins at every step. It’s a difference your gift recipients will feel from the start and love for years to come. 

Where To Start Gift Shopping: Everyone's Favorites

A new sheet set can completely transform the entire bed experience. Ours are made with the finest long-staple 100% organic cotton on earth, and designed to feel a specific way. Here are some of our most popular fabrics—and what makes them special. 

Our tried-and-true bestseller (loved by millions of sleepers) is our Signature Sheet Set. They’re soft from the moment they come out of the box, and they’re designed to get softer with each wash. Because these sheets are breathable by nature, they’re great for all types of sleepers (hot and cool) in all seasons. 

For those who sleep hot, our Percale Sheet Set is a haven of cool comfort. The natural, specially designed cooling weave ensures restful nights and refreshing mornings.

And for those who love finding the ultimate luxury, our Reserve Sheets Set is crafted with incredibly rare, long-staple 100% organic cotton. Each thread is finished in flame, offering a silky softness that is unparalleled.

Each of these gifts comes wrapped & ready in a beautiful Signature Gift Box, which can be reused, and is often put to work in the linen closet, helping organize bedding or other small items. 

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Gifts Under $200

Budget is an undeniably important factor in gifting decision making. And there are some occasions for which and gift recipients to whom you really want to wow…while spending under a certain dollar amount. Here, we rounded up our very favorite anyone, anytime gifts that are universally loved. These not-so-small luxuries make great gifts for him, gifts for her, gifts for the host or hostess, and gifts for guests. Plus, they’re designed to offer your gift recipient dreamier days and nights. 

Here are our top three gifts under $200:

Throw Blankets: Imagine a soft embrace. A knit or woven throw from Boll & Branch surrounds you in the same comfort and warmth. Each yarn is woven with the finest materials and time honored techniques, for truly lasting quality. This gift is more than a blanket; it’s the experience of a cozy companion while watching Netflix on the couch, reading a favorite book on a daybed, or snuggling with loved ones on chilly nights.

Sleepwear: A beautifully made pajama set is such a treat. Boll & Branch sleepwear offers comfort in style, with an assortment of sleepshirts, and short or long sleeved tops with shorts or pants, in two distinctively soft fabrics. The first, Signature, is the same fabric as the bestselling sheets Boll & Branch is known for. The second fabric is Soft Knit, which offers a natural softness and stretch that never clings to the body. Both promise sweet dreams and serene mornings. 

Candles: The one gift you can’t go wrong with, a Boll & Branch candle creates an ambiance of calm with every light. These candles are made with the finest natural materials and are hand-poured by artisans in the U.S. in small batches. Find a sentiment you’d like to share, from warm and welcoming to fresh and clean.

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Holiday is the perfect time of year to gift a special item from Boll & Branch to someone you love—or yourself. During the holidays, we offer our very best deals of the year. In addition to free shipping and returns, which we offer all year round, we provide extended returns so that gift recipients can try their Boll & Branch products, washing and sleeping on them, to make sure it’s exactly what they’re looking for. 

Enjoy the feeling of gifting thoughtfully this holiday!

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