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Time for Night-Night: Introducing Children's Sheets

Time for Night-Night: Introducing Children's Sheets
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How many countless evenings have you spent trying to round up the kids to go to sleep at a reasonable hour? After dinner is put away and the dishes are washed, there’s an unmistakable feeling of dread to whomever speaks the phrase first; “kids, it’s time for bed.” No, you’re not a cattle herder, although sometimes the hollering and chasing may make you feel like one. But kids just don’t look forward to bedtime. Until, however, they feel our new Children's Sheets.

Our Children’s Sheets are made from our celebrated 100% certified organic and Fair Trade USA cotton. That means they’re snuggling up in nontoxic and chemical-free bedding—the softest in the world! Not only do they feel great, but they look great too. We are meticulous about every detail, which is why there’s a four-inch hem on the pillowcases and sheets, perfectly-sized for little ones. Choose between our solid colors such as Sweet Grey, Sky, and Petal, or go geometric with our Seedling pattern. The soothing colors help transform your child’s bedroom into a peaceful escape, creating an environment where both you and they can mentally unwind.

Unwind with Children's Sheets

 Unless they still can’t.

Children's at bedtime

For those days when kids are anything but ready for bed, has blessed us with a few games that are sure to tire out your energizer bunnies. Take a peek at our favorite tips here:

  1. The Pajama Walk: Incorporate a brisk nightly walk with your partner and tot-in-tow. The fresh air may feel invigorating for you, but the additional exercise before bed can help zap the extra energy from your little one.
  2. Lights-Out: Set the mood early by turning down the lights in the whole house. Think candlelit dinner and night light during bath time. Give everyone in the house a small flashlight to help navigate, and watch as the dim environment works its relaxing magic. 
  3. Hide and Sleep: This game takes your child’s bed routine to new heights. Hide your kid’s pajamas, toothbrush and toothpaste, and favorite stuffed animal around the house—in the direction of his room—and tell him to find each item. Once each item is found, he has to complete the task; i.e., he must put on his pajamas when he finds them. This is a sneaky way to get them ready for bed without them knowing it.

When you’re kids are tuckered out for bed, they’ll look forward to sliding into our buttery soft Children’s Sheets. The only issue will be who will fall asleep first, you or them?