What Your Cuddle Positions Say About You

Let's get in formation


Ah, the art of cuddling. It’s a beautiful thing when you find that special someone that you just can’t seem to let go of—even in your sleep. But what really is the meaning of cuddling? Ever since we at Boll & Branch created the softest sheets using 100% organic cotton, you could say we’ve been in love with all things sleep, cuddling included! Cuddling is not only relaxing, but it’s healthy, too. Scientists say that cuddling increases oxytocin and decreases cortisol, allowing us to de-stress and connect with our partners. Needless to say, we think everyone should set aside some more cuddle time.

What are the most common cuddling positions and what do they mean? There are a bunch of different cuddling positions out there, and each of them has its own cuddle meaning that says something about the personality of the cuddler. We sat down with newlyweds Ian and Milla to chat about the best cuddling positions and what they mean, as well as why we love them!


The Traditional

In this cuddle position, both sleepers are lying on the same side of their bodies, with Milla (the Little Spoon) curled up in front of Ian (the Big Spoon).

Big Spoon Little Spoon Cuddling Position in Boll & Branch Bedding
This cuddle position typically means the guy feels a sense of stability and is comfortable with intimacy, while the girl is seeking affection and protection. Our newlyweds had thoughts of their own:

What He’s Thinking: Hmm, her hair smells nice, but why can’t I feel my arm? Ahh, play it cool, play it cool.

What She’s Thinking: This is just as cute as I imagined. If I stay like this for the next hour then I can roll to my other side while he’s asleep.


The Switch-Up

This is when the guy wants to be on the receiving end of all of the affection. In this cuddling position, Milla and Ian lie on the same side, with the Milla’s arms embracing Ian.

Little Spoon and Big Spoon Cuddling Positions in Boll & Branch Bedding
The Switch-Up could mean that the girl is nurturing—if not a bit possessive— while the guy is comfortable showing his vulnerable side. Let’s see what our newlyweds say about this position:  

What He’s Thinking: Ahh, I could get used to this.

What She’s Thinking: This is just as cute, although not half as comfortable. Where did my arm go?


The Nestle

This is the perfect cuddling position for couples who fall asleep after a good, long chat. In this position, both partners are facing each other, with Milla nestled into Ian’s chest.

The Nestle Cuddling Position in Boll & Branch Sheets
Many say this is the sign of a mutually beneficial relationship. Perhaps you finish each other’s sentences and feel like the ultimate best friends? Our newlyweds dish:

What He’s Thinking: Might not be ideal with morning breath.

What She’s Thinking: I should keep some mints by my nightstand…


The Cradle

A fan favorite. The cradle is generally considered one of the most comfortable cuddling positions there is. Ian will lie on his back while Milla will lie on her side—or face down—on Ian’s chest. This way, she’s using his chest as a makeshift pillow, and he’s cradling her with his free arm.

The Cradle Cuddle Position in Boll & Branch Sheets
Some say this means the person on their back has a sense of entitlement and a strong ego, while the cradled sleeper is more compliant and dependent, but we at Boll & Branch feel like this position means you just want to hold each other forever. Let’s hear what our newlyweds think:

What He’s Thinking: Now this is what I call a good night. This is the best cuddle position!

What She’s Thinking: Just right.


Whatever your cuddle position says about you and your partner (or pet!), make sure you’re spending your quiet time together in the softest bedding ever. Share how you spend QT with your cutie on Instagram by tagging @bollandbranch and using the hashtag #bollandbranch for a chance to be featured on our page!

What Your Cuddling Position Says About You