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FAQ: Where Our Products Are Made

FAQ: Where Our Products Are Made
fair trade, organic cotton

Oh, the places you'll go…for the highest quality cotton.

We put our heart and soul into our products with the goal that you and your family feel good—inside and out—about them. That’s why we don’t cut corners, because every detail counts; every stitch, every thread, every cotton fiber.


We searched near and far in search of the best cotton, and ended up finding what we were looking for in Orissa, India. Here, we saw the exceptional quality of organic cotton, and the potential of a community committed to organic farming guidelines, where farmers worked symbiotically with nature to grow chemical-free, non-GMO cotton. In fact, GMO cotton is outlawed in Orissa!

 Organic Indian Cotton Farmers Fair Trade

Each and every one of our products is thoughtfully made by people who earn respect and fair wages for their work. That means every purchase you make supports economic opportunity to cotton growers who have historically been underserved by big corporations.

But perhaps you’re unfamiliar with the superiority of organic cotton sourced from India? Guess what: the cotton we purchase from our farmers rivals Egyptian cotton. It is untouched by harmful chemicals and pesticides, and it produces a staple length that is as long, if not longer, than conventionally-grown cotton plants.


We then made our way to another continent to manufacture our flannel bedding. The cotton we use to craft our flannel originates from Turkey, where they too specialize in 100% organic cotton. We weave our flannel in Portugal because the Portuguese are widely considered the experts in flannel creation. Flannel is a Portuguese heritage product, and local artisans have honed their skills for generations crafting the most luxurious flannel available. To learn more about Boll & Branch flannel, read our blog!

 Portuguese Flannel Created by Portuguese Factory Workers

At the end of the day, we at Boll & Branch are focused on providing the most exceptional, 100% organic cotton comforts for you and your entire family, which is why we’ve broken down geographical boundaries. After all, when it comes to creating game-changing linens, we’re limitless.