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Why Fair Trade Matters

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Making Better Sheets By Building a Better Company  

At Boll & Branch, Fair Trade isn’t merely a label we stick on our products. Treating everyone fairly—from the farmers who pick our cotton to the factory workers who perfect every last stitch—is at the core of who we are and why we’re different from other sheets companies. Here’s a quick history of how it all began.


It Started With a Search to Find New Sheets 

When our founders Scott and Missy Tannen were looking to purchase a new set of sheets they searched for answers about the quality and origin of in-store bedsheets. When the Tannens began to research the linens industry, they discovered a whole wealth of issues.


The Tipping Point  

Scott went to visit cotton farms in India and watched farmers go out into fields carrying buckets of pesticides. Around the same time, an eight-story Rana Plaza building outside Dhaka, Bangladesh, collapsed, killing more than 1,100 people and injuring thousands of others. This building had five clothing factories that manufactured goods for major retail companies in Europe and North America. After seeing this news, Scott and Missy were committed to making their products differently. 


The Journey To Fair Trade Bedding 

When Boll & Branch was founded, the Tannens’ goal was to make their supply chain fair and transparent. In Odisha, India they discovered organic, non-genetically modified cotton seeds that don’t use harmful pesticides. They are also 100% reliant on rainwater so no outside water is used, and when finishing our products we use eco-friendly dyes and no harsh chemicals.

In addition, Boll & Branch’s mills in India help support thousands of factory workers, farmers, and their families, paying them above a living wage and supplying them with medical benefits. Conditions are safe, there’s no child labor, and no discrimination based on gender, age, or religion. These strict standards allowed Boll & Branch to have all of its products Fair Trade certified, along with a Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) certification.


What Your Boll & Branch Purchase Means 

When you buy Boll & Branch products, you’re not just getting the softest sheets in the world or the coziest throw blanket to snuggle up with. We can tell you exactly where the materials came from, what goes into making each product, and that the working conditions for the people who made it are fair and safe. And for each of our Fair Trade items sold, these workers earn a premium to invest back in their communities for social development projects and fighting poverty. 

While we can assure you that our supply chain is ethical, we know that’s not the case for many around the world. So a portion of every Boll & Branch sale is donated to the fight to end human trafficking. 

Now you can rest easy with a clear conscience knowing your good night’s sleep is doing so much good around the world too!