You Asked, We Answered: Our Top Customer Service Questions

You Asked, We Answered: Our Top Customer Service Questions

Q. Does thread count even matter?

A. Actually, not as much as you think! Thread count is determined by the amount of threads used per one square inch of fabric. Our signature sateen sheets are woven to a 4 over 1 lustrous 300 thread count. Our sheets are made using ultra-premium organic cotton for the most optimal combination of weight, performance, feel, and quality. It’s not the count that matters, it’s the quality.

Sateen sheets on a bed

Q. What makes your sheets so soft?

A. All of our sheets are made using a sateen weave. What is sateen weave? It is an especially soft cotton weave that is achieved by weaving a crisscross pattern of four over, one under. Sateen weaves are characterized by their very soft, flexible and more luxurious feel. Our signature sateen fabric is loved because it is also extremely breathable and works for individuals in all different climates. Another type of weave on the market is a percale weave – which is created by taking the yarn and weaving it with a one over, one under pattern. When doing this, the yarn is woven in a tighter way than sateen – resulting in it having a “crisp” feeling. When making a sheet using a percale weave you will find that the sheet will be stiffer than a sateen sheet and have a higher tendency to wrinkle more if treated without the harmful waxes and chemicals it takes to make sheets wrinkle resistant.

Bedding Sheets Package and Shipping

Q. Do you offer free shipping? What are your shipping options?

A. Yes, we offer free ground shipping to customers in the US! Any customers outside of the United States will be responsible for shipping costs at check out. We also offer great expedited shipping options at an additional cost—which are one-day shipping and two-day shipping choices; with costs varying by shipping location. Please note, if you decide to go with either of our expedited shipping options, it could take anywhere between 24–48 hours for your order to be ready to ship from the time of purchase. Once the package has been marked shipped, it will arrive to you within the expedited time frame you have decided upon.