Accessing the best materials without expensive store markups and middlemen gives you way more quality at much lower prices.

Did you know that most sheets and blankets are marked up as much as 800%? It’s true. Sure, lots of big companies are just plain greedy, but most also work through middlemen, licensors and expensive retailers – what do all of these groups have in common? They all need to make money. Ultimately, that is reflected in the retail price. Guess whose pocket that money comes out of?

We’re different. For starters, we have incredibly high ethical standards: we pay top-dollar for the 100% GOTS-certified organic cotton we use (the best cotton in the world, we might add), plus we pay all of our workers fair wages. In fact, all of our production partners are Fair Trade Certified. We don’t believe that people should pay more for a product that is sweatshop free and we never use anything less than the best materials possible. Full stop.

So, we make the best products you can buy, yet our prices are a fraction of what you’d pay for luxury sheets and throws at a boutique or department store. How do we do it? We save you money in three ways:

1. We design everything and work directly with the factories and mills to make the products to our exact specifications. No middlemen and no expensive licenses means you pay for the product, not for fancy marketing.

2. We sell directly to our customers online. No need to visit those overpriced boutiques and department stores that simply double the cost.

3. We’re not greedy. We could probably sell our products for a whole lot more than we do, but unlike other brands we have a conscience.

Beautiful products. Incredible quality. Uncompromised ethics. Remarkable prices.

Boll & Branch.