The Starter Spa Bath Bundle

What makes this bundle different?

Create a relaxing oasis in the comfort of home with this curated set of essentials from our Spa Bath Collection—bundled to bring you more for less. Designed to be both absorbent and refreshingly light, this is our most quick-drying bath fabrication. It starts with the highest quality yarns sourced from the finest 100% organic cotton on earth, and is designed with luxuriously textured channels for a soft hand-feel that dries off faster between uses.

The Feel Textured and soft, absorbent and quick-drying The Look Luxuriously channeled, rivaling a five-star spa experience


What's Included Drawer


  • Wash in cold water with like colors

  • Use liquid detergent without bleach or brighteners

  • Tumble dry on low or medium heat 

  • Shedding is natural on first wash/dry cycle and will dissipate over time 

To preserve its soft hand-feel:  Wash towels on their own – not with clothes or bedding.  Things like buttons and zippers could snag the loops, and washing them separately from sheets prevents damage to both fabrics. To prevent fading:  Makeup and skincare products can discolor towels.  Be sure to wash them right away if they come in contact.

What Makes Our Yarn Quality Unmatched?

We invest in yarn quality by using the finest organic materials, weaving our yarns with the utmost care, and finishing our yarns without harsh chemicals. Our Spa Bath fabric is made with the finest 100% organic cotton yarns for exceptional absorbency and a naturally soft hand-feel.

The Finest 100% Organic Cotton on Earth.

We preserve the purity of our long-staple, 100% organic cotton by choosing not to use any harmful pesticides, GMOs or toxins like formaldehyde in the making of our products. It’s better for you and the planet. 

Refreshingly Light, Luxuriously Channeled.

The clever channels of this luxuriously textured fabric are what give this design its lighter weight. Not only do they add visual interest, they also help you dry off faster—and let the towel dry off faster between uses—without sacrificing softness or absorbency.