Alpaca Windowpane Decorative Pillow Cover

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Alpaca Windowpane Decorative Pillow Cover

The richest feel—decadent, luxuriously soft, 100% alpaca wool

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What makes this fabric different?

This decadent pillow cover is woven with a delicate windowpane pattern using only the finest natural fibers for a luxuriously soft hand-feel. It starts with the highest grade of 100% alpaca wool, humanely sourced with certified traceability through our partnership with Pacomarca. These lavish, natural fibers offer an incredible softness and undeniable sophistication.

The Feel Luxuriously soft with a light weight and incredible warmth

The Look Delicate windowpane pattern


  • Humanely sourced 100% alpaca wool

  • Hidden horizontal zipper closure on the back for easier handling

What's Included


Care Guide

What Makes Our Humanely Sourced Alpaca Unmatched?

By prioritizing the alpacas’ welfare at every step, we are able to ensure the certified traceability of every fiber so that only the softest, finest “baby” hairs are used. We knit our yarns with the utmost care, and finish our yarns without harsh chemicals.

The Finest 100% Alpaca Fibers On Earth.

We preserve the purity of our 100% alpaca wool by choosing not to use any harmful chemicals or toxins in the making of our products. It’s better for you and the planet.

Warm Yet Lightweight With Beautiful Finishings.

Each yarn of this sophisticated throw blanket is luxuriously woven, creating the precise windowpane pattern that is an extended expression of the Boll & Branch world. Delicate fringe ends frame the rich fabric for a decadent finish.