Down Chamber Pillow

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What makes this pillow different?

Made in 3 densities of the finest materials to offer you lasting, superior support. Our down is ethically sourced from farms in the U.S. and triple washed to guarantee a cleaner, longer-lasting loft. The Soft density is filled with adjustable down in all chambers, while the Medium and Firm density pillows are filled with a supportive feather and down inner pillow and surrounded by a soft layer of U.S.A. down.

The Density for Your Sleep Style Stomach Sleeper – Soft Back Sleeper – Medium Side Sleeper – Firm


  • Triple-washed, IDS certified down fill

  • 3-chamber construction

  • 3 different densities for different levels of support

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A hand holding down feathers and a woman snuggling an pillow

What Makes Our Pillows Unmatched?

We created a naturally down-proof fabric without the traditional use of a chemical coating by precisely weaving the highest-quality cotton threads. With this perfected shell and our 3-chamber design, we turned fill density into a science, prioritizing support by finding the exact amount of fill needed for each sleep style.

Detail crop of pillow sitting on bed of down feathers

Down Without the Downside.

We partner with farms in the U.S. to ethically source the finest, cruelty-free down fill that's IDS certified—requiring that all down and feathers are inspected and tested by IDFL to ensure each step of production, from farm to finish, meets the highest standards of quality and animal welfare. We triple-wash our down and feathers to be 2x cleaner than the U.S. government standard, using the highest-grade, environmentally-safe chemistry to guarantee a cleaner, longer lasting loft.

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Down Chamber Pillow Reviews

4.6 / 5 stars

Valerie V. -
Down chamber pillow
I looked for a long time for a pillow that was chemical free and comfortable. I bought and returned 2 other big name brands. I decided to try these. I ordered these in a medium which were too fluffy. I was able to return them and order the soft style. They are wonderful and I love them!
Bryan D. -
Very Comfortable
The soft pillow is very comfortable, much more so than its competitors.
judith w. -
The Best pillow made
Best pillow ever. I have had three thru the years. I had tried others then, I found Boll and Branch. Bought the soft pillow for the tummy sleeper. Have been happy each time I bought one.
Stacey B. -
Awesome pillow
The extra firm pillow is firm yet soft and lofty. I love it. It gives my neck support and I fall asleep much sooner.