Reed Diffuser

Reed Diffuser

For a distinctive atmosphere—wood reeds, assembled by artisans

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What makes this diffuser different?

Like our bedding and bath collections, our Reed Diffuser is made with the finest natural materials. It provides approximately 3 months of continuous fragrance with 8 wood reeds, and is gracious in the entryway, inviting in the guest bath and artful sitting on a living room shelf.

The Scents Home – Fresh Linens, Green Apple, Peony Shore – Sea Salt, Iris, Sandalwood Spa – Green Tea, Bergamot, Jasmine


  • 8 wood reeds

  • 6.7 fl. oz.

  • Designed and assembled in the U.S.

  • Home – Evokes the comfort of newly laundered linens, fresh flowers and a clean home.

  • Shore – Captures the feeling of a soft, comforting breeze coming off of the ocean at sunrise.

  • Spa – Resets mind and spirit with the pairing of strong calming notes and intoxicating jasmine.

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What Makes Our Fragrances Unmatched?

Each artfully crafted scent has been carefully and lovingly considered by Gibson & Dehn artisans to bring the world of Boll & Branch to life. Enjoy your reed diffuser for approximately 3 months of continuous fragrance.

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Reed Diffuser

5.0 / 5 stars

Emily T. -
Pretty, but scent is too strong
The bottle and reeds look beautiful, but the scent (Spa) is incredibly strong and a bit cloying. I get a lot of what I assume is bergamot and not much if any jasmine or green tea. I had the bottle open with two reeds in it for a few hours in my office (~350 sq ft) a few weeks ago, closed it and removed the reeds from the office, but the scent remains. All the other reviews are extremely positive, so perhaps I just picked the wrong scent or used the diffuser in a way that allowed too much scent to emanate. P.S. I love my Boll & Branch sheets, hand towels, and wash cloths as well as the cable knit throw blanket.
Denise P. -
Smells so clean and lasts
Smells so clean and lasts long!
Nicole W. -
Smells Divine!
My entire room smells so fresh and clean! Truly would recommend to anyone that wants their space to smell good with little effort :)
Brittany W. -
More please
I am obsessed with this thing. I moved it from my bedoom to my bathroom because the smell relaxes and calms me in ways I have dreamed of. I plan to buy more to put them all around the house.