Waffle Dobby Stripe Pillow Cover

A dimensional update to our most coveted texture—airier, springier, 100% organic threads

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What makes this fabric different?

A classic stripe pattern arrives in our airier, springier Waffle weave, bringing even more dimension to its touchable texture. For unrivaled softness, this versatile pillow cover is fully lined and trimmed with our uniquely soft Signature fabric. Both weaves are crafted with the finest long-staple 100% organic cotton threads, and get softer and loftier with every wash.

The Feel Plush yet springy with exceptional softness

The Look Dimensional peaks and valleys with a timeless striped pattern


  • 100% organic cotton

  • Long-staple cotton ensures the highest quality and durability

  • Dimensional stripe design precisely woven to highlight the Waffle texture

  • Uniquely soft Signature fabric lining and binding

  • Hidden horizontal zipper closure on the back for easier handling

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Care Guide

Waffle Dobby Pillow  -Middle Module 1

What Makes Our Thread Quality Unmatched?

We invest in thread quality by using the finest organic materials, weaving our threads with the utmost care, and finishing our threads without harsh chemicals. Our Waffle fabric's superior hand-feel is born from a natural enzyme wash, giving the naturally soft threads an even softer finish.

Waffle Dobby Pillow  -Middle Module 2

The Finest 100% Organic Cotton On Earth.

We preserve the purity of our long-staple, 100% organic cotton by choosing not to use any harmful pesticides, GMOs or toxins like formaldehyde in the making of our products. It’s better for you and the planet.

Waffle Dobby Pillow  -Middle Module 3

A Timeless Update To Our Most Coveted Texture.

This classic striped pattern brings even more interest to our bestselling Waffle weave. To highlight the fabric’s distinctive texture, the design is precisely crafted in a way that creates a unique, two-tone honeycomb appearance within each stripe. Our proprietary interlocking Waffle weave gives the fabric its breathable, plush-yet-springy dimension with meticulously engineered peaks and valleys designed to get loftier with every wash.