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What makes this mattress different?

We’ve brought together each piece of our Mattress collection to give you the most luxurious bed ever created. You’ll feel the difference right away: assembled by hand with the finest natural materials, our mattress is designed to offer the perfect combination of better breathability and better support, all for a better night’s sleep. The foam-free construction is engineered with 5 layers and 3 unique zones to provide full-body support and is wrapped in a soft shell made from the highest quality threads. Pair it with the Mattress Protector, a cover made with the finest long-staple 100% organic cotton on earth, to help prolong your mattress’s lifespan. Top it off with our bestselling Signature Hemmed Sheet Set, loved for the way it gets softer with every wash.

The Mattress 5 Layers:

  • Wool & Poly Blend – 3 inches of soft, cool, cloud-like comfort with naturally breathable wool and plush poly

  • Graphite-Infused Latex – For a cooler, more comfortable sleep thanks to graphite’s naturally cooling properties

  • Natural Latex – A natural foam alternative that’s 7-times more breathable and never off-gasses

  • Micro-Coils – For stability that isolates you from your partner’s movement

  • Foundational Coils – For precise, isolated and quiet support

The Mattress Protector Benefits:

  • Protects your mattress—and you—from natural wear over time, like dust and allergen buildup.

The Signature Hemmed Sheet Set:

  • Highest quality threads sourced from the finest long-staple 100% organic cotton on earth.

  • Each thread is then luxuriously woven to ensure these sheets feel incredible for years to come.

Deconstructed layers of the Boll & Branch Mattress

What Makes Our Mattress Unmatched?

We tested countless variations to find our perfect 3-Zone construction—designed with specific support from your shoulders to your hips to your legs—that offers softer, more-cooling comfort using the finest materials. Each mattress is assembled by hand and trimmed with bespoke details for a finish that’s as beautiful as it is functional.

PDP Mattress Desktop Image3

Foam-Free, How Your Bed Should Be.

Foam layers trap heat near your body as you sleep. That’s why our mattress is made with naturally breathable wool that’s blended in loftier poly and wrapped with the highest quality threads, allowing the mattress to retain its shape and provide softer, cooler, more resilient support.