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Comforter Sets

The elegant look of a duvet with the easy of one layer. Our comforters are wrapped in a 100% organic cotton breathable shell with a midweight density.

Duvet Inserts

Temperature-regulating design made with sustainably sourced fills and weights for your ideal sleep temperature. Can be styled with a duvet cover.

Elevate Your Sleep with Boll & Branch Comforters

Discover the essence of comfort and simplicity with Boll & Branch's Comforter Sets Collection. Featured on the TODAY Show, this bestselling range offers the luxurious look of a duvet with the effortless ease of a single layer. Crafted from the finest organic fabrics, each set is designed to provide unparalleled softness and breathability. Available in a variety of serene shades, from classic white to the tranquil tones of shore and mineral, these comforter sets promise to transform your bedroom into a sanctuary of restful elegance.