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Everything You Need To Know About Organic Sheets

The term “organic” goes far beyond food and drinks. Organic sheets and fabrics are free of harmful synthetic chemicals and other toxins. Investing in 100% organic bedding gives you and your family peace of mind every night knowing that you're sleeping on fabrics made free from harmful chemicals, pesticides and GMOs. Before you buy your next set of sheets, it’s important to consider the reasons to buy organic cotton sheets. We’ll break down what organic bedding is, its benefits, and more.  

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What Is Organic Bedding?

Organic bedding is made from natural materials that aren’t grown or treated with pesticides or other harmful chemicals. Non-organic bedding, for example, can be made with synthetic materials or treated with harmful dyes, bleaches, or inks. 

Organic bedding is commonly made from plants like cotton, flax, hemp, or bamboo. It’s important to know that certain materials may be grown organically, but aren’t processed organically. For example, bamboo and eucalyptus fibers are often treated with harsh chemicals to make them flexible enough for weaving. Cotton, on the other hand, doesn’t need to be treated that way because its fibers are naturally flexible, making them perfect to work with. Cotton is not only naturally more workable than other materials, it’s also more durable and soft.

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Why Should I Buy Organic Cotton Sheets?

Organic cotton sheets are more beneficial for you, the environment, and the people who make your sheets than the alternative. These are the most important reasons why you should buy organic cotton sheets:  

They’re Toxin-Free

Organic cotton grows without the use of harmful synthetic pesticides, and isn’t treated with toxic bleaches or dyes once woven—making them toxin-free and better for all, from start to finish. 

They Use Less Water

Organic cotton sheets are more environmentally friendly than their conventionally made counterparts. With organic cotton, up to 100% of the water used gets treated and recycled—instead of being dumped into nearby waterways. 

Cotton plants typically require a ton of water, but organic cotton doesn’t need as much water to grow. That’s because it’s grown from healthier soil. 

It’s Healthier For Farmers

Conventional cotton farms use harmful synthetic pesticides on their crops. The farmers who work in these environments are unfortunately exposed to such chemicals, which negatively impact their health and quality of life. At organic cotton farms, farmers aren’t exposed to these harmful toxins, because safer, natural alternatives are used instead. 

It’s Healthier For Animals

Pesticides from non-organic cotton farms don’t just impact farmers—they harm animals and the local ecosystem, too. Pesticide runoff kills fish, birds, and native wildlife. Choosing organic cotton is the better choice to protect animals and their environments. 

It’s Healthier For You

Regular cotton sheets are treated with chemical dyes and bleach before they’re sold to you. These chemicals may irritate your skin and other parts of your body over time. Organic bedding is completely free from these harmful chemicals.

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Are There Certifications For Organic Bedding?

The main certification for organic bedding is the GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standards) certification. GOTS-certified cotton is made without pesticides, harsh chemicals, or GMOs. Additionally, it’s made by workers who are treated fairly and ethically. 

Another important certification to look out for is the OEKO-TEX certification. OEKO-TEX-certified cotton is tested for the presence of over 100 different chemicals to ensure it’s completely toxin free. To ensure you’re getting bedding that’s grown organically, sustainably and ethically made, and completely free of toxins, look for bedding that’s both GOTS and OEKO-TEX-certified.

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What Are The Benefits Of Organic Cotton Sheets?

Organic cotton sheets are a smart investment because: 

- They are typically very high quality and last a long time. If cared for properly, cotton sheets can last for years. Be sure to check the tags or care instructions to get the most out of them. 

- They get softer with every wash. Like a fine wine, cotton wears beautifully and tends to get better with age. Instead of getting worse with each wash, they’ll continue to get softer and cozier.  

- They’re safe for both children and adults. Since organic cotton sheets are made without synthetic chemicals, they’re safe for your whole family. Rest assured, no one will be sleeping alongside harmful toxins.

- They come in a variety of weaves and fabrications. Cotton is versatile enough to suit all sorts of sleeping preferences—whether you run hot, cold, or anywhere in between. 

- They’re better for the environment. When compared to synthetic and non-organic materials, organic cotton is better for the planet—and this is especially true if it’s certified by a third party.

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What Fabrications Do Organic Cotton Sheets Come In?

Organic cotton sheets come in several weaves and fabrications including: 

- Percale

- Linen

- Flannel

- Chambray

- Signature

- Reserve

If you’re not sure which to choose, Percale and Linen will keep you cooler, whereas Flannel is better for sleepers looking for more warmth. If you want sheets that are buttery soft, our bestselling Signature fabric will is the perfect place to start.  

For those looking for an extra-luxe feel, Reserve sheets are made from incredibly rare, long-staple organic cotton. The fibers are spun at a speed that’s 25% slower than normal, giving them an extraordinary softness and silkiness.