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5 Ways to Bring Color Into Your Bedroom

Your bedroom is the place you go for rest, relaxation, and comfort you can count on. The space is all yours, and should be filled with things that reflect your personality and bring you an immediate sense of calm. This feeling makes a difference, and there are so many ways to create your perfect atmosphere—without painting or remodeling. 

By simply adding touches of color throughout, your bedroom can take on the ambiance you’ve always wanted. We asked our team of design experts about easy, impactful ways to add color to your bedroom, and they shared 5 of their favorite tips.

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1. Layer With Patterns

If you want a distinct change of scenery, add a patterned sheet or duvet set in a color that complements the room. It’ll turn your bed into a focal point, which instantly draws the eye and highlights your bedside decor. There are endless ways to style with patterns, from bold prints in rich hues to timeless motifs in subtle neutrals. Our hand-painted designs range from classic to contemporary, in colors inspired by the beauty of nature. Choose one you’ll love year-round, or refresh with a new pattern when the season shifts. 

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2. Add Fresh Flowers or Houseplants

This will instantly bring new life to your bedroom—and you don't have to worry about being matchy-matchy. Greenery goes with everything, bringing a calming element of nature to modern and traditional bedrooms alike. The same goes for fresh flowers, and you can play around with new colors and arrangements whenever you wish. Our favorite places to put them are on bedside tables, so you see them as soon as you wake up, and near the window to draw your eye to the outside. If your bedroom doesn’t get much sunlight, you can always opt for artificial flowers or plants, but there’s something about the real thing that makes any space feel peaceful and complete.

3. Create Contrast With Embroidery 

Not a pattern person, or want a more subtle touch of color? Go for white bedding with tonal embroidery. The white base of your sheet or duvet set will showcase the contrasting shade and highlight the embellishment—like the feminine stitching on our Signature Eyelet bedding or the clean line of detailing on our Signature Embroidered layers. It’ll give your bed a rich finish, and give you the option to add more color later on with a bed blanket or throw in a matching hue.

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4. Bring in Wooden Accents 

Color comes in many forms, and one you may not think of is wooden accents. These warm, versatile elements are perfect for neutral walls or those who like to switch up their decor or bedding often. Wooden pieces are made from both light and dark materials, in everything from small nightstands to grand armours. Our favorite, though, is a wooden canopy bed frame. Its geometric design sets a modern and sophisticated tone, while the wooden shade creates an elegant contrast from every angle—making your bed feel like a true destination.

5. Style With Throw Blankets

If you’re looking for something quick, easy, and impactful, then a throw blanket is your answer. You can drape it over your armchair or at the end of your bed, and choose from a wide array of colors. If you have an all-white bed, the possibilities are endless. You can add an ocean-blue throw for a coastal aesthetic, a soft neutral for a welcoming touch, and everything in between. If you already have color on your bed, like tonal sheets or embroidery, you can complete the look with a matching throw or choose an all-new shade in the same color family. On top of adding color, throw blankets give your bed texture and detail. Woven designs like our, Cable Knit, and Sweater Knit all have something special to offer, and make any bed look expertly styled. 

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Whether you take a minimal or maximal approach to adding color, remember to have fun with it. Perfection isn’t the goal—it’s surrounding yourself with shades, patterns, and accents that bring you joy, and create a bedroom made for your best rest.