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How To Style Summit Supima: A Modern Take On Wabi-Sabi Interior Design

For the Summit Supima Collection, a fabric only made possible by the extraordinary conditions the organic Supima cotton is grown in, our style team referenced the Japanese concept of wabi-sabi to create the Summit Supima world. What is wabi-sabi? Wabi-sabi is about finding beauty in imperfection and appreciating life’s simpler, quieter moments. It encourages us to see the elegance in the natural aging process and the unique character of handcrafted items. Wabi-sabi isn't just a style; it's a mindset that appreciates the “perfectly imperfect.” By incorporating elements that are simple yet profoundly aesthetic, you can create a home that feels both grounded and serene—a perfect sanctuary from the fast pace of the modern world. Here, our styling team shares how you can bring this concept into your home.

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Styling 101

To bring wabi-sabi into your home, focus on choosing pieces that speak to authenticity and craftsmanship. Opt for organic materials like our sustainably sourced organic cotton sheets, which offer a soft, lived-in comfort. Embrace textiles with natural textures and subtle, earthy tones that create a calm and welcoming space. Decorate with items that have a story or personal significance, even if they're slightly imperfect or show signs of wear.

Our Modern Take On Wabi-Sabi

When we build a world to inspire customers about how to bring Boll & Branch into their home, our styling team considers every detail. For the Summit Supima Collection, they referenced custom European architecture. These rooms feature intricate molding, archways, doors leading you into spaces beyond the bedroom. Furniture and decorative accessories are made from raw, earthy materials and organic shapes that play off the negative space in the room to create an inviting, calm, and natural atmosphere. Below, you’ll find a roundup of the paint, furniture, lighting, and decorative accessories, and why our style team chose them.

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Paint Selection

We wanted to create a suede-like look on the walls: it’s both timeless and neutral, offering luxurious warmth against clean silhouettes. For this effect, we used:

Farrow & Ball Shadow White for the Dental and Base molding. Flat Farrow & Ball Shadow White and Benjamin Moore Northern Cliffs for the Venetian finish.

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Core Furniture Pieces

We chose a hand-knotted rug that offered shimmery luster thanks to the finest handspun silk. It has a soft density and a textured look. 

For the bedframe, we chose a femme, curved design to create the feeling of being enveloped.

The bedside tables are made of a smoothed travertine to complement our wall finish.

For the seating, we brought another clean-curved silhouette to the room: this chair adds softness to the overall room aesthetic.

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Decorative Accent Pieces

To create a beautiful focal point, we chose a chandelier that’s distinctive, sculptural, and timeless.This one made of hand-pleated fabric is a work of art on its own.

For our wall lamps, we wanted a collected, vintage feel. These have a handcrafted look. Engraved details create a sense of movement and draws your eye in. 

Other elements that bring a sense of natural imperfection to the space include vintage, slightly asymmetrical vases that are organic yet geometric. A plinth bench and coffee table in marble contrasts the softness of the wall and other fabrics in the room. A wooden stool offers a collected, vintage feel. 

Custom painted art to complement overall look and feel.

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Why The Summit Supima Collection Pairs Beautifully With Wabi-Sabi Interior Design

Like our organic Supima cotton, which is grown in perfectly imperfect conditions, wabi-sabi is only made possible by finding beauty in natural forms and relationships of one thing to another. These relationships represent more than style: they are a feeling. Wabi-sabi is natural softness, authenticity, and serenity. The Summit Supima Collection is created from the finest threads we could possibly create and woven by the most skilled artisans in the world. The Summit Supima Sheet Set, Duvet Set, and Pillowcase Set offers exceptional softness and a liquid luster that is so highly considered, the rest of your bedroom should be, too.