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Summer Spotlight: Our Bestselling, Naturally Cooling Percale Sheets

We all sleep differently, but many of us have one thing in common: waking up hot in the middle of the night. It’s an uncomfortable feeling, to say the least, and can keep you from falling back asleep. This disruption in your sleep cycle can prevent you from getting the eight hours (or more) you need to feel well-rested, and can be even more detrimental if it happens night after night. 

Sleeping hot is especially common in summer, when the temperatures and humidity are at an all-time high. The key to cooling off isn’t turning up your AC, though. It’s replacing your bedding with fabrics specially designed for cooler sleep, in even the warmest of weather. 

That’s why Percale—a cooling fabric ideal for hot sleepers—was the second bedding collection we made, right after our iconic Signature fabric. While percale is nothing new, our design approach is something that had never been seen before. By obsessing over every detail, we created the highest-quality Percale sheets in the industry, so you get your coolest, most restful sleep. Here’s how we did it.

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It Starts with Superior Threads

Like every product we make, we started at the source—partnering directly with farmers to grow 100% organic cotton that’s free from toxins, harsh chemicals and GMOs. Once the cotton is grown, we sort and select the long-staple fibers (the threads harvested from cotton plants). We chose long-staple because the threads it makes are stronger, more durable and softer than 97% of the world’s cotton. 

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Our Special Cooling Weave

But cultivating long-staple threads is just the beginning. The reason our Percale feels distinctly cool and crisp is because of how our cotton is spun. Unlike most other brands, each thread in our Percale fabric goes through a time-intensive spinning process, which makes them even finer and smoother than before. When they’re woven in a tight, one-over-one-under pattern, these ultra-fine threads create a flatter, more structured fabric—designed to increase airflow and enhance the weave’s natural cooling properties. 

The right materials, details and steps weren’t written down for us, though. We worked hand-in-hand with our weaving partners to make our Percale from scratch, going through nine different trials before finding a fabric that met (exceeded, in fact) our expectations. It was a true labor of love, but it was all worth it in the end. Because today, our Percale offers a difference you can feel, and is beloved by warm sleepers everywhere.


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An Ultra-Refined Look

We pay just as much attention to the feel of our fabrics as we do the look. With the smooth, cool-to-the-touch feeling of a luxury hotel bed, but we wanted our Percale to have the sophisticated look of a five-star suite, too. To give our Percale its own meticulous look, we finished each piece with lavish and rich detailing, like tailored 7” hemlines on our Percale Hemmed Sheet Set and intricate, hand-finished embroidery on our Percale Embroidered Sheet Set. And while white is the classic hotel color, we wanted to give our customers an array of shades to complement every bedroom aesthetic. Our hand-selected colors include calming neutrals, deeply modern hues and seaside shades like Shore. All are inspired by nature and made with GOTS Certified dyes. 

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All So You Can Sleep Better

We toiled over every detail to bring you the highest-quality Percale sheets on the market. Our 100% organic cotton keeps you safe from toxins, harsh chemicals and GMOs. Our long-staple threads create a smoother, more durable fabric. And most importantly, our special cooling weave gives hot sleepers the highest-quality sleep—every single night.


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